It was the night after Halloween.  And although it would be fitting to say there was a ghostly feeling in the air in the backyard of the old Travis Heights home in which myself, along with the rest of Austin’s fashion enthusiasts, found themselves, it would be misleading to appropriate this feeling solely to the timing… Continued
There’s just something about the style at Fun Fun Fun Fest that’s, well, fun.  This festival has become one of my favorites to photograph because it’s basically like an adult playground.  From the skate ramp to the taco cannon, the comedy, and of course the music, Fun Fun is less about what you’re wearing, and… Continued
The application process was like every other job application.  A generic looking online form to fill out and click send.  Bada bing bada boom.  Very standard except for one little thing… Along with your application, you had to submit three, yes three, photos of yourself.  Normally, something like this would have sent… Continued
You’ve spent all weekend hot gluing your Hobby Lobby flowers together to make the perfect floral crown, and you have an amount of flash tattoos stockpiled that would put a 1950’s fallout shelter to shame. If music festivals were nuclear attacks, then ACL is a basic bitch’s Hiroshima. I’ve been covering the fashion at Austin’s music… Continued