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You’ve spent all weekend hot gluing your Hobby Lobby flowers together to make the perfect floral crown, and you have an amount of flash tattoos stockpiled that would put a 1950’s fallout shelter to shame. If music festivals were nuclear attacks, then ACL is a basic bitch’s Hiroshima.

I’ve been covering the fashion at Austin’s music festivals over the last several years and while Austin City Limits certainly brings in some great acts, let’s face it, the fest is so mainstream that I’m surprised the whole fest isn’t sponsored by Starbucks pumpkin spice latte.  Sure, there will be plenty of gals at the fest who think they’re Penny Lane and have the most stylish Free People clothing their mom bought them to prove it (“a Free People dress from 5 years ago is vintage, right??”), but for the most part the fest is full of college students, bros, out-of-towners, and kids who always have me wondering “How old are you? Do your parents know you’re at a music festival by yourselves?!” The majority of the fashion you end up seeing at ACL is less like what you might find on a festival style inspo Pinterest board, and more like what you’d see at a music festival themed college frat party.

Here are some tips on what to wear to the fest (if you’re a basic bitch)…

1. Flower Crown


You can make your own, but it’s probably easier to just buy your own from Urban Outfitters.

2. Flash Tattoo


What’s better than regular ‘ol temporary tattoos with random tribal symbols? Flash tattoos designed by Beyoncé, duh. Get them here.

3. Fringe boots


Your Pocahontas costume from 2007 and now ACL! Fringe boots are a great style investment.

4. Neon


Dust off that neon tank top from Hell Week and pair it with a cute mini skirt or jorts. For even more fun, cut it and turn it into a crop top!

5. Feather accessories


Feather hair extensions, feather earrings, or a headdress.  The more you appropriate Native American culture the better.