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It was the night after Halloween.  And although it would be fitting to say there was a ghostly feeling in the air in the backyard of the old Travis Heights home in which myself, along with the rest of Austin’s fashion enthusiasts, found themselves, it would be misleading to appropriate this feeling solely to the timing… Continued
Our latest editorial features looks appropriate for a mid-summer vacation with fun tropical prints and color.  Lovely model Sanetra looks perfectly cute and chic in her retro-inspired polka dotted bikini, which is one of our favorite recent creations from local designer Priscilla Barroso of Crowned Bird.  This bikini right now is being sold exclusively at local boutique Golden Bones. Check out the rest of the photos and all the fun outfits from our Summer shoot!... Continued
recent Project Runway contestant and Austin based designer, Daniel Esquivel As anticipation grew for the last night of Austin Fashion Week runway shows at La Zona Rosa, so did the threat of a thunderstorm over downtown Austin. By the time the first collection hit the runway, so did the rain. It's only fitting that Friday night, which featured 5 former fashion reality show contestants, would end up causing the most dramatic scene. Raindrops fell through the old roof of La Zona Rosa and literally began to hit the runway as models wearing Crowned Bird strutted the catwalk in the first collection of the night.  Priscilla Barroso, the designer behind Crowned Bird, set the bar high by showing a unique and playful retro-inspired collection.  You can read more about Priscilla's designs and see all the photos of her runway show here. Because Friday night featured many designers whose work we have become familiar with via TV, there was unsurprisingly a lot of hype surrounding this night of runway shows.  What's exciting about the fashion scene in Austin right now, is that it has finally begun to reach a big enough audience such that we can truly judge designers on a higher level.  The bar continues to be raised while more and more Austinites start to voice their opinions.  And just because someone was on a few episodes of a TV show, doesn't necessarily mean we have to love everything they put out.  Friday night's runway shows proved this. Continued
"Dream Pop."  That's what Crowned Bird designer Priscilla Barroso said inspired her latest collection which she showed on the final night of runway shows at La Zona Rosa for Austin Fashion Week.  "I dreamt of what I would want to wear if I went to Sweden" chuckles Priscilla in her unique giggle.  Priscilla is no doubt a dreamer, and whenever I am with the Crowned Bird designer, I honestly feel like I am in a dream. There's something about this little lady that not only attracts attention (we went to brunch one day and a hair stylist came up to our table and asked to take a picture of Priscilla's self-cut pixie), but also induces a childlike joy (on that same day we went and rode a little kid rocket ship carousel ride together at the Pecan Street Festival.)  Priscilla's quirky and upbeat nature is infectious and this feeling is definitely reflected in her clothing.  Cute, retro inspired, playful, and charming, are all words I would confidently use to describe Crowned Bird. Continued