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There’s just something about the style at Fun Fun Fun Fest that’s, well, fun.  This festival has become one of my favorites to photograph because it’s basically like an adult playground.  From the skate ramp to the taco cannon, the comedy, and of course the music, Fun Fun is less about what you’re wearing, and… Continued
While the music is obviously the main draw to the festival and the reason for most of the fun fun fun, my focus is of course on the fashion fashion fashion.  Fun Fun Fun Fest has quickly become one of my favorite, possibly my most favorite, music festival to photograph.  Because the festival brings in a various group of musical acts, and many that are not on the mainstream radar, the street style at Fun Fun Fun is an eclectic mix.  Of course though, there are always trends that stand out, and this year that would include: knee high socks, 90's grunge style plaids, statement making profanity, and punk accessories. There's always a really fun sense of stylish customization at this fest that can most obviously be found on denim and leather jackets in the form of pins and buttons.  It's a look that's very reminiscent of early 80s punk rock fashion.  One of my favorite finds at the fest was a guy wearing his own FFF button which he customized with a fancy frame, while his best friend donned a pin bearing the face of none other than Karl Lagerfeld. Check out all the photos of the FFFFF (Fun Fun Fun Fest FASHION)... Continued
Let's admit it, Fun Fun Fun Fest has become the quintessential Austin music festival.  Come on, what other festival gives you a cannon that shoots tacos into the crowd? Backstage I saw a man walking around with dollar bills stapled all over his body requesting people staple him.  The weird Austin vibe was definitely felt, and fun (times 3) was definitely had.  While I did enjoy the music, I was also having a blast walking around and "style watching" (a fashion blogger's version of people watching.) Music and style go together like chips and salsa, and with the variety of music that played at the festival came with it a variety of fashions turning Auditorium Shores into a microcosm of style.  Overall there was of course some throwback 70's inspired looks, an essential music festival style, but the 90's grunge era also had a big influence on several festival goers.  I enjoyed making my way from the Orange Stage, the biggest and most mainstream stage, towards the Black Stage and watching the fashions fade from t-shirts and shorts to black leather, studs, and patches. Check out the fashion fashion fashion from Fun Fun Fun Fest: Continued