“This event really feels like Austin” one of the announcers at Texas Campaign for the Environment‘s annual fashion show started the night off with a claim that I couldn’t disagree with.  Last night’s “Trash Makeover Challenge” was an event that did have an old-school Austin vibe to me (one of my favorite moments… Continued
In your teens, the only concern you have regarding your skin is how to get rid of the huge zit on your face before it’s time to get your yearbook photo taken. Your 20s are spent perfecting your skincare routine, perhaps upgrading to organic face wash (look at you being fancy and shopping in the Whole… Continued
6:30am The taste of fireball is still fresh on my tongue and my head is pounding. I drank a bit too heavily last night (I blame Joanna). 6:30 comes quite early when you’re waking up on a Saturday and even earlier when you’re hungover. I understand that this is a foolish adventure I’m about to embark on,… Continued
“Aren’t you hot in that jacket?” the nice older gentleman asked me. Yes, I was wearing a jacket on a 90 degree early September night.  An oversized “boyfriend style” jean jacket that I thrifted at a local Goodwill a little over 2 years ago and have happily been sporting ever since, adding even more wear to its already… Continued