DSC_9099It was the night after Halloween.  And although it would be fitting to say there was a ghostly feeling in the air in the backyard of the old Travis Heights home in which myself, along with the rest of Austin’s fashion enthusiasts, found themselves, it would be misleading to appropriate this feeling solely to the timing of the event. Because truthfully, Gail Chovan’s fashion shows always invoke a beautiful eeriness.

This latest collection was titled “Scar” and to me it was very much reminiscent of some of Gail’s earlier work.  The black and white color palette, the raw edges, the unique silhouettes, the leather. These are all things that cry out Gail Chovan. While I really enjoyed her last few collections and could actually see myself wearing several pieces from her collection last year, it was really fun to see her going back to what I consider to be her (not-so-basic) basics.  I found “Scar” to be more reminiscent of her “What Are You Afraid Of?” collection from 2012 and her “Abiquiu” collection from 2013, which still stands as my favorite show she has had to date.

“Whatever your scars are

corporal or psychic, it is my

hope that they are memorable —

And that these clothes will convey

a similar strength and commitment

to health and history.”

-Gail Chovan

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