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There’s just something about the style at Fun Fun Fun Fest that’s, well, fun.  This festival has become one of my favorites to photograph because it’s basically like an adult playground.  From the skate ramp to the taco cannon, the comedy, and of course the music, Fun Fun is less about what you’re wearing, and more about what you’re doing (hopefully catching tacos).  Fashion does have a place at this fest, it just takes on a much more playful and casual vibe than say, Psych Fest, where I think people put a lot more time and thought into their festival looks.  The style at Fun Fun Fun Fest is also usually much more of an eclectic mixture of styles than what you see at other fests ,which is refreshing. There’s not one typical “festival look” that dominates the scene at Fun Fun. You get a healthy dose of skaters, boho girls, vintage babes, and everything in between.

This year, the fest took place during one of the first major cold fronts of the season and also brought some rain, so I saw plenty of hoodies, denim, and motorcycle jackets along with a mostly black clothed crowd.  There were of course some pops of color though, and those colorful outfits caught my eye more easily.  One of the new standout trends I noticed this year for the gals was the bandana neck scarf.
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