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Back in September when I first met UT fashion design student Tilde Snyder, she was wearing a skirt made from an XXL hamburger printed shirt she got at Walmart and was discussing her desire to create a Tex-Mex inspired fashion collection.  Obviously this was enough to get me excited about seeing the final collections from this year's batch of fashion design students even months before the annual Spring show. Even if I hadn't met Tilde though, my enthusiasm for the UT Fashion Show still would have been high because it's the one show in Austin that never disappoints.  Each year brings a different crop of unique students with their own visions, so design-wise you never know specifically what you are going to see.  However, what you can always expect from the event is a well-produced runway show with energy, creativity, and innovation. Continued
Let's be honest, Austin does not have the best reputation when it comes to fashion.  So what is to be expected about an event which is centered around a topic that its city is specifically not praised for?  It should come as no surprise that Austin Fashion Week has had its ups and downs, and weird moments.  Remember when Tiffany (yes the 80s pop star) sang at the Austin Fashion Week Kick Off a few years ago? Remember when the runway shows took place at La Zona Rosa and it rained through the leaky ceiling onto the runway?  And, frankly the results of the Mash Up Team photo competition this year left me a little confused as the majority of the photos looked like they shared some sort of weird "fairytale princess" theme.  Sometimes Austin Fashion Week feels kinda like your awkward kid sister who's still growing up and trying to figure out who she is and where she belongs, and at times I just want to allow her to spend a day with my friend Virginia and let her smoke weed and listen to Bongzilla. Regardless of the questionable aspects of Austin Fashion Week, at the center of it all is a group of creative individuals who are trying to make something of the fashion scene in Austin.  Whether or not Austin Fashion Week is helping to shape the public opinion of the fashion scene in Austin in a positive way is debatable.  But regardless of your opinions of the event, the fact that anyone is talking about the fashion scene in Austin at all is a really good thing for the growing community of us in this town who have decided to make fashion a part of our lives. Here's why I'm excited about Austin Fashion Week this time around: Continued
It was the end of the night and time for the last runway show, and while I was highly anticipating seeing Stephen Moser's runway collection, I could tell some of the audience had grown weary.  If you left the Austin Fashion Week Awards early last Saturday night (and I know some of you did), you missed out.  Stephen Macmillan Moser closed the show with a theatrical performance that I think truly surpassed everyone in the audience's expectations.  I was waiting to see a fashion show, but what I got was something completely different. Continued
Two models slowly creeped down the double runway, their footsteps in sync like soldiers, but their walk as light as ballerinas.  Gail Chovan's runway show at the Austin Fashion Week Awards reminded me once again how fully encompassing her shows always are.   Gail Chovan, local designer and owner of Blackmail boutique and atelier, is one of Austin's veteran designers.  Gail notoriously considers herself to design outside of Austin's fashionable comfort zone by adhering to a more avant garde European-taught design aesthetic.  Gail studied fashion design in Paris and now teaches there when she can.  Her collections consistently invoke emotion within me, and I look at her designs like works of art. Continued