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Two models slowly creeped down the double runway, their footsteps in sync like soldiers, but their walk as light as ballerinas.  Gail Chovan's runway show at the Austin Fashion Week Awards reminded me once again how fully encompassing her shows always are.   Gail Chovan, local designer and owner of Blackmail boutique and atelier, is one of Austin's veteran designers.  Gail notoriously considers herself to design outside of Austin's fashionable comfort zone by adhering to a more avant garde European-taught design aesthetic.  Gail studied fashion design in Paris and now teaches there when she can.  Her collections consistently invoke emotion within me, and I look at her designs like works of art. Continued
After the Boudoir Queen's runway show ended, I felt like I was being forced to get off a magical carnival ride.  I didn't want it to end, and if I had been my two year old self, I might have thrown a temper tantrum in my front row seat.  Dawn Younger-Smith's clothes do it to me every time.  The designer has a way of using clothes to create a romantic world that most women can only see in their dreams.  Using vintage and antique fabrics, some dating all the way back to the 1800's, Dawn said her inspiration for her Fall 2013 collection titled "Vreeland" included everything from famed French designer Paul Poiret to the Rolling Stones in Morocco. Continued
"Keep Austin fashion weird!" Daniel Esquivel exclaimed from the podium as he received one of 4 golden boot awards given out to the "Rising Stars" of Austin fashion.  The local designer and recent Project Runway alum was definitely doing his part to keep the fashion weird at the Austin Fashion Week Awards last weekend.  The designer showed up to the red carpet on Saturday night wearing a handmade leather rabbit ears mask.  He obviously caught my eye, and I have to say that he was one of the few people I saw at the Awards who actually was bold enough to wear something outrageous and eye-catching.  I believe there are two ways to go about dressing for the Austin Fashion Week Awards, you can either 1) wear something red carpet worthy and glamorous, or 2) wear something unique and funky. Many of the ladies Saturday night went for an "old Hollywood" look, and trends I spotted that night included vintage headpieces, feathers, and jewels worn in the hair.  A majority of the men that night opted for a "dapper gentleman" look wearing wingtip shoes, pocket squares, bow ties, and William Jackson of Influential Magazine even donned a boater. Continued