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Back in September when I first met UT fashion design student Tilde Snyder, she was wearing a skirt made from an XXL hamburger printed shirt she got at Walmart and was discussing her desire to create a Tex-Mex inspired fashion collection.  Obviously this was enough to get me excited about seeing the final collections from this year's batch of fashion design students even months before the annual Spring show. Even if I hadn't met Tilde though, my enthusiasm for the UT Fashion Show still would have been high because it's the one show in Austin that never disappoints.  Each year brings a different crop of unique students with their own visions, so design-wise you never know specifically what you are going to see.  However, what you can always expect from the event is a well-produced runway show with energy, creativity, and innovation. Continued
In college, one of the questions I constantly get asked by peers is "When are you showing your collection?"  in reference to the annual UT Fashion Show. Unfortunately, I won't ever be showing a collection, because 1) I'm not an apparel design major and 2) I don't possess the raw creativity and courage it takes to be an apparel design major at UT. The amount of blood, sweat and tears (don't forget lack of sleep!) that goes into designing a collection for the UT Fashion Show each year is overwhelming to think about, yet inspiring. Not only do the senior designers focus on their collection—they balance work and school, which includes every apparel design major's favorite class, chemistry. one of senior designer Briana Johnson's sketches for her collection which will show at Transcend After four years of involvement with University Fashion Group's annual senior fashion show production, you begin to gain insight of how a large scale event like the UT Fashion Show progresses from start to finish. Joanna insisted I write the blog post for Transcend and I couldn't be more excited to express how much finesse the fashion show will have this year.  I joined University Fashion Group my second semester at UT (Spring 2010) and was initially taken aback at how organized and effective—yet creative and fun—the organization was.  President Angeli Aguilera and myself met dressing backstage at a fashion show downtown that spring semester and I immediately knew upon meeting her that somehow fate would bring us closer, and it did—we're now the head leaders behind the organization and the show date is looming over our head. This year's show is called Transcend.  When asked what the word means in terms of the show, Aguilera said, "The word [Transcend] encapsulates everything we want our show to be: strong, bold and inspiring. I think it's about transcending barriers and making this production bigger and better. Transcend does our criteria justice." Briana Johnson, a senior designer, tells me that her interest in design all began with an online Barbie Fashion Designer game when she was 7 years old. By the time she was 11, she began drawing croquis in Microsoft Paint in order to make outfits for all of her Barbie dolls. Now she's moved past Barbies and says her inspiration behind her collection are "Egyptian kings and queens," wanting to relate back to her heritage in Africa. "My clothes are heavily draped which none of the other designers are doing," she continues. While Briana was inspired by her heritage, senior designer Kinni Song has a different back story and inspiration for her collection. Inspired to design by watching Project Runway, Kinni tells me that her collection is inspired by collars and that she puts an emphasis on the back of her garments. The senior designers are currently putting the finishing touches on their collections which will show at Transcend in a week. Continued
When asked if she would be changing her last name to "Spearman", Star said she wasn't sure yet because she had never wanted to get married until she met, her now husband, Joah Spearman.  When Star met the co-founder and CEO of The Neighborhood (which will take the place of Style X during SXSW this year), the two hit it off and quickly married in a low-key courthouse ceremony just months later.  "I don't get  most of this being married stuff short of that it's awesome to be with someone I love so much," Star says. Continued
Despite the fact that I think several Austinites might not consider the Domain to actually be a part of Austin ("it's in Round Rock, right?"), H&M finally opened in Austin this weekend. I made several trips to the shopping center up north over the past couple of days and now that I live downtown, the drive really felt like one where I needed to make sure I had a bottle of water and maybe a snack for the car ride.  However, for H&M, the trip might be worth it.  Where else can you find such inexpensive clothing that's not only on trend but of decent quality? Apparently many others thought the opening of H&M was not only worth a trip to the Domain, but was also worth camping out on the sidewalks for (in some cases) overnight.  The lure of their recent collaboration with designer Margiela as well as the promise of a gift card ranging from anywhere between $10-$500 were the big perks for the fashionable students and (mostly) teens of Austin.  High school student Ondrea Bluestone was the first to arrive at 4pm on Friday, staying in line for just over 20 hours to take her chances at scoring a good gift card. A sleep deprived Kaidon Ho was amongst several UT students and UFG members who also arrived early... If you're wondering how the Austin H&M compares to other H&M stores you might have been to, it definitely holds up to expectations. I've been to several stores in New York, the city where you can find an H&M on practically every other street corner, and the Austin store is just as big boasting 2 stories of clothing and accessories for women, men, kids, and even has a maternity section.  It's a good addition to the Domain and I think it is especially a good addition to the Austin fashion options for men who can't afford to shop at high priced boutiques all the time.  The store was hopping all weekend long with first an exclusive party on Friday night, followed by the official grand opening on Saturday at noon.  The store was packed even still on Sunday afternoon with intrigued shoppers checking out the newest and biggest addition to Austin retail. Continued