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When Priscilla and I were in Tokyo back in December, we met a lot of interesting people. Toy designers, inventors, musicians, illustrators, clothing designers.  You would have never been able to guess the ages of these people because they exuded youth, creativity, and fun.  They were almost all in their 40s. "Tokyo is a place you come to if you want to be a kid" said Don the 40-something year old toy designer.  I was only in Tokyo for about a week, but it didn't take long for me to understand what he meant.  On that trip I witnessed street construction signs that looked like amusement park displays, I purchased condoms with cartoon bears on the box, and I saw adults dressed in playful colorful attire walking down the street on their way to work. Since Priscilla Barroso launched her first collection for her line Crowned Bird three years ago, her aesthetic has always been one full of color, youthfulness, and inspired by the past.  But with her third collection, BAKA, which stands for Be A Kid Again and also means "foolish" in Japanese, Priscilla plays with the idea of youthful light-heartedness and nostalgia even further than she has before.  Undoubtedly inspired by her trip to Tokyo, BAKA displays even brighter colors, more exaggerated silhouettes, and "little-girl" cuteness.  While the collection has a sweetness to it, it manages to remain quirky. One of the most pleasantly surprising things from the collection which premiered at Austin Fashion Week, is the final look consisting of a patterned skirt-suit in oversized polka dots.  It is the perfect combination of "mature woman" mixed with "fun little-girl."  It's ironic that in a collection titled "Be A Kid Again" Priscilla showed her most grown-up look, but that's why we love her.  Crowned Bird is sophistication with a wink. Continued
Let's be honest, Austin does not have the best reputation when it comes to fashion.  So what is to be expected about an event which is centered around a topic that its city is specifically not praised for?  It should come as no surprise that Austin Fashion Week has had its ups and downs, and weird moments.  Remember when Tiffany (yes the 80s pop star) sang at the Austin Fashion Week Kick Off a few years ago? Remember when the runway shows took place at La Zona Rosa and it rained through the leaky ceiling onto the runway?  And, frankly the results of the Mash Up Team photo competition this year left me a little confused as the majority of the photos looked like they shared some sort of weird "fairytale princess" theme.  Sometimes Austin Fashion Week feels kinda like your awkward kid sister who's still growing up and trying to figure out who she is and where she belongs, and at times I just want to allow her to spend a day with my friend Virginia and let her smoke weed and listen to Bongzilla. Regardless of the questionable aspects of Austin Fashion Week, at the center of it all is a group of creative individuals who are trying to make something of the fashion scene in Austin.  Whether or not Austin Fashion Week is helping to shape the public opinion of the fashion scene in Austin in a positive way is debatable.  But regardless of your opinions of the event, the fact that anyone is talking about the fashion scene in Austin at all is a really good thing for the growing community of us in this town who have decided to make fashion a part of our lives. Here's why I'm excited about Austin Fashion Week this time around: Continued