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Gail Chovan's fashion shows always seem to mark the first night of Fall in Austin. Last year everyone busted out their furs and oxblood colored garments. This year it was all about hats, capes, prints, unique accessories, and of course still the furs.  Once it cools down, Austinites really embrace getting dressed up at night, and Gail Chovan's shows particularly bring out a stylish and creative crowd.  Last Wednesday's "Aesthetic Ghosts" show was definitely a great night for style watching. Continued
A danceable beat pumped through the speakers and sawdust lingered in the air.  As the first model in Gail Chovan's runway show made her way out in front of the crowd at the Delta Lumber and Millworks on the east side of Austin, I immediately felt happily surprised.  The music, and the vibe it created, was quite a contrast from Gail's runway show last year which featured an eery orchestral version of Radiohead's "Creep."  Instead of the slow, and what many might have labeled as "morose," model walks that Gail's shows usually portray, the girls came down the runway with more standardly paced model walks.  The show was significantly more upbeat than what you might be used to seeing from the designer who is notorious for creating in all black.  However, the atmosphere of Wednesday night's show was just as awe-inspiring and magical as ever. Continued
Two models slowly creeped down the double runway, their footsteps in sync like soldiers, but their walk as light as ballerinas.  Gail Chovan's runway show at the Austin Fashion Week Awards reminded me once again how fully encompassing her shows always are.   Gail Chovan, local designer and owner of Blackmail boutique and atelier, is one of Austin's veteran designers.  Gail notoriously considers herself to design outside of Austin's fashionable comfort zone by adhering to a more avant garde European-taught design aesthetic.  Gail studied fashion design in Paris and now teaches there when she can.  Her collections consistently invoke emotion within me, and I look at her designs like works of art. Continued
"Where is the runway?" I asked.  It took me some time to realize that the "runway" at Gail Chovan's fashion show last night was instead a long banquet style table set up below chandeliers hanging from trees. With designs that are always out of the norm, it shouldn't come as a shock that the fashion designer and Blackmail Boutique owner's fashion show last night was a special one.  I was at first admittedly a little taken aback at the setup of the show, mostly because I was terrified that one of the model's would catch fire down the narrow and candlelit table.  But my fears quickly faded (and I stopped looking around for the nearest fire extinguisher) as I became mesmerized by the varying and unusual silhouettes and interesting mixtures of fabric textures seen in the show.  By using almost solely black fabrics, Gail's designs really concentrate on form, texture, and proportion- things many other designers I feel take for granted and don't embrace experimenting with enough. Continued