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I should probably do yoga, drink some hot water with lemon in it (apparently this is good for your skin), or meditate.  But no, the first thing I do when I wake up (besides obviously give my dog Boo some kisses), is check Instagram.  I'm not exactly proud of this morning routine, however, things could be way worse.  While I am following almost 1,000 people on Twitter and continually accept friend requests on Facebook from strangers, my Instagram feed is slightly more elite.  I cannot handle late night drunken photos taken with flash, or pictures of Starbucks lattes.  I'm #sorrynotsorry but I don't have time for basic bitches clogging up my Instagram feed. Therefore, I am at least waking up every morning to some beautiful, interesting, unique, funny, or inspiring images. I don't even really have time to look at other style blogs anymore, so I especially love following people on Instagram who show off their personal style.  Not everyone has the time or energy to have their own blog.  Even I don't have the time or energy to post daily personal style photos on my blog, but there's always time to Instagram.  However, not every Instagram account was created equal. Here's my list of stylish Austinites who I think are the most follow-worthy on Instagram (in no particular order) and why: Continued
When asked if she would be changing her last name to "Spearman", Star said she wasn't sure yet because she had never wanted to get married until she met, her now husband, Joah Spearman.  When Star met the co-founder and CEO of The Neighborhood (which will take the place of Style X during SXSW this year), the two hit it off and quickly married in a low-key courthouse ceremony just months later.  "I don't get  most of this being married stuff short of that it's awesome to be with someone I love so much," Star says. Continued