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StyleCaster co-founder Ari Goldberg, Neiman Marcus VP of Corporate Public Relations Gabrielle de Papp, Leandra Medine of The Man Repeller blog, and StyleCaster co-founder David Goldberg discuss "Bringing Style To The People" "The Neighborhood, in many ways, was both a success and a failure to be honest" says founder Joah Spearman of the 4 day fashion infused event which premiered during SXSW this year.  Because the Neighborhood was the result of founders Joah Spearman and Jon Patillo's desire to break off from SXSW and put together their own unofficial event, the Neighborhood had a lot to not only live up to, but also prove.  Their previous fashion endeavor, Style X, had been an official part of SXSW for the past 2 years taking place in the Convention Center and bringing in 30,000 shoppers, as well as hosting panels with fashion industry professionals. If you went to check out the Neighborhood last week expecting it to be anything like Style X, you might have been a little disappointed.  That is, first of all, assuming you were even able to figure out where the event was.  There was hardly any publicity or advertisement for the Neighborhood, and seeing as the specific information about the event was only made public a few days before it actually took place, it was definitely an easy event to overlook.  But even if you knew what was going on and were able to attend the Neighborhood, it might have been a bit of a let down. Continued
When asked if she would be changing her last name to "Spearman", Star said she wasn't sure yet because she had never wanted to get married until she met, her now husband, Joah Spearman.  When Star met the co-founder and CEO of The Neighborhood (which will take the place of Style X during SXSW this year), the two hit it off and quickly married in a low-key courthouse ceremony just months later.  "I don't get  most of this being married stuff short of that it's awesome to be with someone I love so much," Star says. Continued