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SXSW is over, and if you're anything like myself then you're probably pretty happy that this 2 week long cluster duck (as my iPhone likes to call it) has come to a close. While most people spend the majority of their time during SXSW standing in line for shows and free booze, I spend most of my time staring at the people standing in line for shows and free booze. I guess you could say I'm sort of an outsider looking in when it comes to music festivals these days. I do enjoy live music every now and then, but I find SXSW to be a difficult beast to slay in terms of cost and reward. I use my energy at SXSW to meet new people and take photos, mostly because I'm impatient (and perhaps getting a little old), but also because that's what I get the most joy out of doing. I've been documenting the style at SXSW for a few years now and I've definitely watched it change.  What I find interesting about the fashion you see at music festivals, is that it is a direct reflection of the music. A few years ago the street style at SXSW was predominately hipsters in cut off jorts along with rockers and metal heads wearing leather jackets in 80 degree weather.  Those looks do still exist to some extent.  However, SXSW continues to bring on more hip hop and DJ acts to the lineups causing the street style to take on a much more mainstream, as well as a hip hop look.  Let's just say the number of white girls wearing gold chains was at an all time high this year. What I do think was missing from this year's SXSW was an influx of fashion-forward trend setters.  Finding people worthy of photographing was a little harder for me this year as there was really nothing but a handful of gems in Lady Gaga's vomit haboob. But, I sought out the polished stones and washed them off for you: Continued
"This is the only shirt I ever wear" said the dude pictured above right before making the most pleasant face any human could ever hope to lay their eyes upon.  Although I have to assume (and hope, for body odor's sake) that his statement was an exaggeration, there is something to be said about the wearability of a polka dotted shirt.  The polka dot is of course a classic patterns that in recent years has become, dare I say, even more of a staple in a man's closet than the beloved and manly stripe. The best part about our friend the polka dot is that he can be worn in many different ways by different types of men with varying styles. In this way the dot is not much different than the stripe, but, perhaps there is something a little more playful about the polka dot.  As I 've been scouring the streets during SXSW looking for interesting style, I'm left thinking that maybe the polka dot is the go-to pattern for the music festival attending gentleman this Spring.  I'm definitely seeing spots, and it's not just because I'm completely exhausted and dehydrated. Continued
SX is almost here! Here's my roundup of all the fashiony type events that you won't want to miss during SXSW this year (most of them are FREE.)  Check back as I'll be updating this list throughout the next few days... Style X Style X is back this year! Err, the name is at least. Unlike the big retail event which premiered back in 2011 and included pop up shops and runway shows in addition to speaking panels, Style X this year is scaled back to simply encompass all the fashion related interactive events. Here's a list of all the Style X panels happening during the Interactive portion of SXSW (Friday Mar.7 - Tuesday Mar.11), which you will need an Interactive badge to attend: Style X Panel Schedule Some highlights include Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso, and TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie. Other Style X Events: Style + Tech Meetup SXSW Interactive's Publicist and Style Programmer, Kelly Krause is hosting her 3rd annual Meet Up for style + tech mavens. Sunday, March 9, 5:00PM - 6:00PM Proof Annex - 711 E 6th St Decoded Fashion at Wanderlust  Neiman Marcus and Decoded Fashion will host a half day of panels, speakers, mentorship opportunities and a lounge at Wanderlust. Tuesday, March 11 from 9am-12pm, Wanderlust 206 E 4th St Continued