I should probably do yoga, drink some hot water with lemon in it (apparently this is good for your skin), or meditate.  But no, the first thing I do when I wake up (besides obviously give my dog Boo some kisses), is check Instagram.  I’m not exactly proud of this morning routine, however, things could be way worse.  While I am following almost 1,000 people on Twitter and continually accept friend requests on Facebook from strangers, my Instagram feed is slightly more elite.  I cannot handle late night drunken photos taken with flash, or pictures of Starbucks lattes.  I’m #sorrynotsorry but I don’t have time for basic bitches clogging up my Instagram feed. Therefore, I am at least waking up every morning to some beautiful, interesting, unique, funny, or inspiring images.

I don’t even really have time to look at other style blogs anymore, so I especially love following people on Instagram who show off their personal style.  Not everyone has the time or energy to have their own blog.  Even I don’t have the time or energy to post daily personal style photos on my blog, but there’s always time to Instagram.  However, not every Instagram account was created equal.

Here’s my list of stylish Austinites who I think are the most follow-worthy on Instagram (in no particular order) and why:

1) @Spiritmoonwater

While her style is still casual and plenty cool, Tyna’s outfits are more polished than your average cute and creative Austinite.  On top of the fact that this girl has serious style (with a massive shoe collection), she also cooks, bakes and loves to eat.  I just really can’t get enough of her, or her Instagram.

2) @Lesleighlefou

Lesleigh caught my eye this year at Fun Fun Fun Fest when I snapped her photo for my street style post. Since then I’ve been following her on Instagram because I love her aesthetic. Plus, she is currently a film student and obviously has a great eye for photography. I think this gal and I could easily share a closet. In fact, is that my hat?

3) @Ceci_Alejandra

Ceci is one of those super babes in Austin who doubles as both a photographer and model, a killer combo. Her personal style is very vintage and boho rocker inspired. With her ultra-long straight locks, her Instagram photos often look like they were taken in 1970, and I always dig each and every one.

4) @sokumplikaidon

It’s impossible not to take notice of Kaidon, as he struts to the beat of his own drum. I feel like he’s one of those people who is going to be famous one day and we will all be like “I knew him!”  This quote I got from him when I did a Style Profile feature on him pretty much sums him up: “A lot of people tell me I look like a run down drag queen… but who doesn’t want to look like a tranny hobo?!”  His Instagrams are sometimes a little “out there” which is of course is one of the many reasons why I love him.

5) @jennybelle

I first noticed this white-haired girl a few years ago when I was busy hopping around from fashion event to fashion event. I asked her if I could Style Profile her on my blog because she always looked so different from everyone else in the crowd, and her pattern mixing was perfection. Cut to a few years later and Jenny is not only still one of the most stylish people I know, but she’s also now one of my best friends for life.  She keeps me on my toes. Sometimes I’ll go to lunch with her and her hair will be short and grey, and then a few hours later she shows up with long purple locks. She’s kind of like the horse of a different color from the Wizard of Oz, she’s pure magic.

6) @hannaheleanor_

Hannah is one of my newer follows on Instagram.  She’s a little newer to Austin, having only lived here for about a year, but she definitely has that casual and funky Austin style innate within her.  Her Instagram is not only full of awesome pics showing off her wardrobe styling, but she also likes to take simplistic yet stylized photographs of design and home decor.  Right now Hannah is studying metalwork and will be creating her own jewelry line soon, so I’m sure there will be lots of cool pics of that to come too.

And then of course, there is myself.  I’m not officially including myself on this list because I don’t want to feel like a huge jerk. But if you’re not already following me and would like to, I’m not too bad to look at on my good days> @austinstylish

Happy Instagramming!

Joanna Wilkinson

keep austin stylish