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Let’s admit it, Fun Fun Fun Fest has become the quintessential Austin music festival.  Come on, what other festival gives you a cannon that shoots tacos into the crowd? Backstage I saw a man walking around with dollar bills stapled all over his body requesting people staple him.  The weird Austin vibe was definitely felt, and fun (times 3) was definitely had.  While I did enjoy the music, I was also having a blast walking around and “style watching” (a fashion blogger’s version of people watching.)

Music and style go together like chips and salsa, and with the variety of music that played at the festival came with it a variety of fashions turning Auditorium Shores into a microcosm of style.  Overall there was of course some throwback 70’s inspired looks, an essential music festival style, but the 90’s grunge era also had a big influence on several festival goers.  I enjoyed making my way from the Orange Stage, the biggest and most mainstream stage, towards the Black Stage and watching the fashions fade from t-shirts and shorts to black leather, studs, and patches.

Check out the fashion fashion fashion from Fun Fun Fun Fest:

Sarah Eiseman, therapist

Julia Ruiz, design director

Marie Ely, photographer

Hannah Gow, student

Lesleigh Hammer, student filmmaker

Chris Catalena, Chris Catalena and the Native Americans

Kati Williams, works at Jerry’s Artarama

Jessica Thompson, manager of By George South Congress

Jules from the Dum Dum Girls

Brandon from the Crocodiles with Dee Dee from the Dum Dum Girls
Leslie Mauble, runs Frenchie Smith Records
Meryl Oden, manager at Spruce Salon
Sarah Haim, band homie
Katrina Robles, student
Yasi Salek, writer for Cultist
Claire Vaughn, operations manager for Formula One
Rachel Baker, works at Helm boots
members of Peelander-Z
Monica Sosa, student
Kayla Philips, screams in Slave Labor
Michelle Blanchard, works at Ragilitious
Yvonne from the Octopus Project
Chandler Campbell, costume designer
Rani Reynolds, hair stylist at Wanderlust
Zahra Waldman, works for Goodybag
Ary Warnaar from Anamanaguchi
Mandeep Rangi, Co-Star
Alysha Nett, model from L.A.
Elena Vann, student
Tiffany Tso, freelance journalist
Jacqui Devaney
Patrick Waites, events manager at Mohawk
Scarlett Vivienne, Hearts and Robots hair studio
Ashley Cass, social media socialite at Giant Noise
Lenny McCall, works in the airline parts industry
Tim Aro, bartender from L.A.
Lauren Zielinski, nurse
Lauren Zielinski, nurse
Johnny Castillo, EMT

Joanna Wilkinson
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