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I don't know what was going on Saturday but I swear there was some sort of glitch in Austin's space time continuum.  The day flew by so quickly that all of a sudden it was almost 8:00 and I hadn't even picked out an outfit to wear to the Freakout yet. I quickly threw on my Bart Simpson t-shirt (that I found on Ebay 10 years ago and hadn't worn in about 3) and some sequins, summoned my Lyft driver, and was out the door.  It was probably best that I didn't have much time to spend on deciding what to wear.  I felt comfy and confident the whole night as I was much more focused on the show and on having fun.  I was feeling the Fashion Freakout good vibes. Doors opened at 7 pm last Saturday night at Hotel Vegas for, after an almost 3 year hiatus, Fashion Freakout's return and 6th edition.  I wasn't the only one affected by the spacetime continuum issue that was happening Saturday night, because although the show was scheduled to start at 9, Hotel Vegas wasn't fully packed til around 9:30. And it was of course just about this time when suddenly time slowed back down to its regular speed, causing a major build in anticipation. Continued
Because I've been at this whole Austin fashion blog thing for 5 years, I will admit that I have become a little burnt out and somewhat jaded when it comes to local fashion events.  It's very rare that I attend a fashion event in Austin that lives up to the hype that its organizers or publicists attempt to create, and this especially rings true when we are talking about fashion shows.  But when I heard that after almost a three-year hiatus, Fashion Freakout was returning, I was legitimately excited. Fashion Freakout is the show I always reference when people ask me about the Austin fashion scene.  It is one of, if not the only, regular fashion events in Austin that feels uniquely and representative of Austin.  Why?  The show is comprised of local vintage boutiques showcasing their rock star styling, the babeliest of local babes walking the runway, and, live music.  The energy at this show has always been amazing.  You can not only see but feel the passion everyone involved in this show has for producing a fun and creative event. Continued
Two of my favorite stylish ladies of Austin have teamed up!  Priscilla Barroso is known for producing retro influenced designs for her line Crowned Bird, and Shari Gerstenberger is known for having an eye for curating vintage "it" pieces for her eastside boutique Charm School Vintage.  When the two worked together on a recent fashion editorial shoot, they quickly realized how seamless the modern designer's aesthetic meshed with the vintage boutique owner's curations.  The two decided to take their collaboration a step further, and have produced a special limited edition capsule collection for the summer. I got a sneak peek and got to take some photos of the small collection yesterday, which includes this fun retro fit black and white swimsuit with detachable crochet suspenders.  There will be a super limited quantity of these local handmade pieces available at the CSV + Crowned Bird trunk show this Thursday.  Some other fun things you will get to partake in at the party: Continued
For our latest editorial we worked with local nightlife photographer Brandon Scott a.k.a. "The Bar Bat" to get his unique perspective on fashion photography.  What I love about this series of photos is that they are dark and moody, yet still show off a vulnerability and softness.  As winter begins to hide away, spring beckons for our attention.  We call this one "When The Rocks Cry Out." Continued