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I don’t know what was going on Saturday but I swear there was some sort of glitch in Austin’s space time continuum.  The day flew by so quickly that all of a sudden it was almost 8:00 and I hadn’t even picked out an outfit to wear to the Freakout yet. I quickly threw on my Bart Simpson t-shirt (that I found on Ebay 10 years ago and hadn’t worn in about 3) and some sequins, summoned my Lyft driver, and was out the door.  It was probably best that I didn’t have much time to spend on deciding what to wear.  I felt comfy and confident the whole night as I was much more focused on the show and on having fun.  I was feeling the Fashion Freakout good vibes.

Doors opened at 7 pm last Saturday night at Hotel Vegas for, after an almost 3 year hiatus, Fashion Freakout’s return and 6th edition.  I wasn’t the only one affected by the spacetime continuum issue that was happening Saturday night, because although the show was scheduled to start at 9, Hotel Vegas wasn’t fully packed til around 9:30. And it was of course just about this time when suddenly time slowed back down to its regular speed, causing a major build in anticipation.

One of my absolute favorite vintage boutiques to shop at in town, Feathers Boutique, opened the show with a selection of heavily 70’s influenced looks with plenty of re-purposed denim and antique statement jewelry. To be honest, the amount of denim was not that exciting for a runway but they definitely showed the most wearable outfits of the bunch. And if you stayed past intermission for the second round of looks, they had more “wow” worthy looks in the second half.  The Charm School Vintage models were next to hit the runway as David Bowie’s “China Girl” played over the speakers.  The creative Asian inspired styling along with the cheeky modeling all helped Charm School to have the most dramatic stage presence with the most memorable looks.  Plus, who am I kidding, I’m a sucker for some sparkle and they had plenty of that going on.  Veterans and initiators of Fashion Freakout, Prototype Vintage Design, closed out the show with looks that were a mix of everything from Rockabilly to Disco.  The best part about Prototype for me is always the men’s styling. You can’t really go wrong with cute guys in suits and suspenders.

I missed Fashion Freakout.  I’m hoping its return this year means there will be more Freakouts to come!
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