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Because I’ve been at this whole Austin fashion blog thing for 5 years, I will admit that I have become a little burnt out and somewhat jaded when it comes to local fashion events.  It’s very rare that I attend a fashion event in Austin that lives up to the hype that its organizers or publicists attempt to create, and this especially rings true when we are talking about fashion shows.  But when I heard that after almost a three-year hiatus, Fashion Freakout was returning, I was legitimately excited.

Fashion Freakout is the show I always reference when people ask me about the Austin fashion scene.  It is one of, if not the only, regular fashion events in Austin that feels uniquely and representative of Austin.  Why?  The show is comprised of local vintage boutiques showcasing their rock star styling, the babeliest of local babes walking the runway, and, live music.  The energy at this show has always been amazing.  You can not only see but feel the passion everyone involved in this show has for producing a fun and creative event.

Fashion Freakout was previously held at the Mohawk which really fit the vibe of this event and always brought out a big crowd.  This year, for the return of Fashion Freakout, the show is taking place on the east side at Hotel Vegas.  If you’re like me and have been to Fashion Freakout you’re probably thinking “how are all those people going to fit into that venue?” This is why I am warning y’all now so you can make sure and secure your ticket.  Fashion Freakout 6 is truly not one to miss!  You can check out my recap and photos of Fashion Freakout 5 here, and Fashion Freakout 4 here for an idea of what’s in store.

This year the players are Prototype Vintage Design (the ones who started it all), Charm School Vintage, and for the first time one of my favorites- Feathers Boutique is also in the mix!

Here’s the link to buy your ticket for the show on Saturday, October 18th:

I can’t wait!

-Joanna Wilkinson
keep austin stylish