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I hope y'all have been getting plenty of rest and drinking lots of agua, because pretty soon there will be no more of that nonsense.  Besides mentally and physically preparing yourself for the fun, craziness, and exhaustion that is SXSW, you should also start preparing your wardrobe. For SX you definitely want to try and stand out in the crowd. You never know which out-of-towner's eye you might catch (hey boy hey), what magazine might want to snap your photo (me on Teen VOGUE last year), or who might decide to invite you to some crazy VIP party.  It's always best to look put together and unique, however, you never want your style choices to get in the way of your comfort. Continued
Besides RSVPing to hundreds of parties and giving your liver a pep talk, your preparation for SXSW should also include some serious thought about your wardrobe.  What you wear during SXSW is important for several reasons.  For one, you will probably be meeting a lot of new people, and let's be honest, appearances do matter. Looking good will not only catch people's eye, but can also make you more memorable.  And secondly, SXSW is a test of your physical endurance, so comfort is definitely a factor.  Here are my suggestions of things that will keep you both stylish and comfortable during SXSW.  And keep reading for some helpful tips from more local SXSW veterans... Continued
We are only one month away from the free booze, free tacos, live music, and complete madness that is SXSW.  Because SXSW comes at an awkward seasonal transition time in Austin where the weather is as moody as a pregnant woman, it’s essential that you put some… Continued