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I hope y’all have been getting plenty of rest and drinking lots of agua, because pretty soon there will be no more of that nonsense.  Besides mentally and physically preparing yourself for the fun, craziness, and exhaustion that is SXSW, you should also start preparing your wardrobe.

For SX you definitely want to try and stand out in the crowd. You never know which out-of-towner’s eye you might catch (hey boy hey), what magazine might want to snap your photo (me on Teen VOGUE last year), or who might decide to invite you to some crazy VIP party.  It’s always best to look put together and unique, however, you never want your style choices to get in the way of your comfort.

You’ll probably be doing a lot of walking during SX, and it’s also really important to remember that the weather during this time in Austin is like your bipolar roommate when she’s off her meds.  The temperature can change dramatically within hours, so you might be sweating one moment and wishing you had a jacket the next.  For the most part it’s usually pretty sunny and beautiful, but it’s not a bad idea to keep a pair of tights in your bag, or to bring a light jacket.

Here are some specific suggestions of things that I think would be great for this SXSW…


Sunglasses are a super easy and fun way to make your outfit more interesting, and there are so many “where did you get those?!” type of sunglasses available right now. Personally I’m a sunglasses freak so I kinda want all of these…


Currently I’m obsessing over vintage oversized denim jackets as well as new denim jackets with fun prints. (If you’re a dude reading this post: I’m sorry I didn’t put together mens selections this year, but I do think this Givenchy jacket is worth sharing and lusting after.)



Backpacks are particularly useful during SX because they allow you to be hands free and comfy, and they’re ideal for packing in all the swag (or hiding your flask), plus they’re cute!



I’m usually not a sneakers gal, but the idea of a sneaker is starting to grow on me. And besides boots, I really can’t think of a better shoe for SX than a classic comfy sneaker. Your feet will thank you at the end of the day (or night…actually the days and nights during SXSW are neverending and all kinda blend together.)

For more SXSW style inspiration you can click to check out my street style photos from last year:

And if you’re looking super cute, you might get stopped by me on the street this year! Holla at me y’all.

Joanna Wilkinson

keep austin stylish