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undramatized illustration via Amber Demure We have reached "put ice cubes in your dog's water bowl" temperatures, and it's only going to get worse.  After an abnormally cool Spring, I had almost forgotten what summers in Austin were like, but, with temperatures now in the 90s it feels like summer is finally here.  If this will be your first summer in Austin, you should be warned that the next few months will be a test of many things, including: your ability to not gain weight from margarita and sno cone consumption, your ability to save your phone from water damage from late night pool immersions, and your skin's ability to recover quickly from sun burn. But amongst all these things, probably one of the hardest things to do in the summer in Austin is stay stylish.  I know some of y'all think it's a lost cause and once temperatures go above 90, you will immediately opt for a tank top and flip flops.  But here are some of my suggestions on how to stay looking good in the heat for both girls and boys... Tips for the gals... Continued
Summer lovin' had me a blast...maybe if cute straight men liked going to mediocre fashion shows.  It's not that the "Summer Styles at Sunset" fashion show at Abel's on the Lake Monday night was bad (and trust me, I'm not expecting to find love at a fashion show.)  It was just one of those shows that could have seriously been improved by better styling.  The Austin Fashion Week show did feature several local designers whose work I had never seen before, so that was nice to see, especially since there were a couple of interesting pieces in the bunch.  Amade', Design by Talon, E'Lyshet, Ilonka Designs, Joe Van Overbeek, and Lala all put several looks down the runway.  The show also featured some outfits from local Eastside boutique Maga La Boheme, as well as swimwear from Stream Bikini, a mobile bikini boutique that travels around to different locations in an airstream trailer. The atmosphere for the fashion show was casual, with the view of Lake Austin setting a laid-back scene for attendees.  But let's be honest, even if it hadn't taken place at Abel's, that probably wouldn't have stopped me from eating chips and salsa on the floor while taking photos.  I think I might start bringing my own snacks to fashion shows. Brianna Fleet of Butterfly Entertainment said that with "Summer Styles" she just wanted to put on a "fun show,"  and I think this was accomplished by some of the male swimsuit modeling that took place.  You try not having a good time when a skinny guy walks out in a speedo and absolutely does not break his serious "model face."  I lost it. Click to see the photos >>