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Summer lovin' had me a blast...maybe if cute straight men liked going to mediocre fashion shows.  It's not that the "Summer Styles at Sunset" fashion show at Abel's on the Lake Monday night was bad (and trust me, I'm not expecting to find love at a fashion show.)  It was just one of those shows that could have seriously been improved by better styling.  The Austin Fashion Week show did feature several local designers whose work I had never seen before, so that was nice to see, especially since there were a couple of interesting pieces in the bunch.  Amade', Design by Talon, E'Lyshet, Ilonka Designs, Joe Van Overbeek, and Lala all put several looks down the runway.  The show also featured some outfits from local Eastside boutique Maga La Boheme, as well as swimwear from Stream Bikini, a mobile bikini boutique that travels around to different locations in an airstream trailer. The atmosphere for the fashion show was casual, with the view of Lake Austin setting a laid-back scene for attendees.  But let's be honest, even if it hadn't taken place at Abel's, that probably wouldn't have stopped me from eating chips and salsa on the floor while taking photos.  I think I might start bringing my own snacks to fashion shows. Brianna Fleet of Butterfly Entertainment said that with "Summer Styles" she just wanted to put on a "fun show,"  and I think this was accomplished by some of the male swimsuit modeling that took place.  You try not having a good time when a skinny guy walks out in a speedo and absolutely does not break his serious "model face."  I lost it. Click to see the photos >>
"You should be a model" isn't something many of us will get to hear in our lifetime, but that's exactly what this year's Top Austin Model winner, Nicole Glenn, heard from one of her peers just a couple of years ago.  It was that simple suggestion from a friend that started Nicole's interest in modeling.  But since then, it has been her drive and ability to make connections in the local modeling community that has made Nicole's dream of modeling a reality. It was just a year ago at a Dillard's fashion show when Nicole met two other local models and former Top Austin Model contestants, Sarah Creel and Melanie Phillips.  These girls were competing in Top Austin Model at the time and asked the other models, including Nicole, to vote for them for the "fan favorite" award. Nicole was immediately intrigued and went online to learn more about the Top Austin Model competition.  Realizing that the next chance to compete would be in a year, Nicole kept the competition in the back of her mind while her passion for modeling grew. The now soon-to-be 16 year old says she loves strutting her stuff and believes she excels in runway.  I asked Nicole how she developed her runway walk (which I believe stood out amongst the other competition from the beginning).  Nicole says she learned a lot from local models Sarah Gardner from the Kim Dawson Agency, as well as Brianna Fleet of Top Austin Model.  Taking the advice she learned from her local mentors, Nicole says she began to practice her walk up and down her hallway for hours (at times frustrating her mom with her diligence.)  Nicole also gained inspiration from reading national model Cheryl Diamond's book "A Model Memoir," which describes how the 16 year old confidently moved to New York City with just $600 in her pocket to pursue a modeling career.  The fact that someone was able to put out a memoir by age 19 is just another reminder of how strange the modeling industry is.  The only thing that's short when you're a model is the amount of time you have in your career, so having confidence early on is key. Continued