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For a few months there I was really enjoying living downtown.  I felt like such a stylish city gal walkin' everywhere I needed to go. "I'm like a cool New Yorker!" I thought to myself as I strutted my stuff down the streets of Austin (which are of course nothing like the streets of New York).  Now I sit here with an almost empty bottle of baby powder by my sink, contemplating getting in my car to drive two blocks to get a sandwich. Even if you are a hermit and have been hiding indoors, you would still know it's hot from all the twitpics and Instagram photos everyone has been posting of the triple digit temperatures. Continued
So there I was with my friend attempting to zip me into a dress that was admittedly a little on the snug size.  When the zipper suddenly stopped and felt like it might completely refuse to go up any farther, I held my breath and just said a little prayer to the fashion gods. About a week ago I had the pleasure of being a judge for something called the "Black and Tan" fashion show, a fashion design challenge that took place during the beginning of Austin Fashion Week.  The dress I chose, and the one which ended up winning the challenge, was designed by local Austin designer Amanda Yilmaz.  I am so happy that the fashion challenge introduced me to her, because her work is beautiful.  Amanda graciously let me pretend to be important for a night, and I wore her fancy red carpet worthy black lace gown to the Austin Fashion Week Awards last weekend.  I lost count of how many compliments I received, and I was so happy to be able to introduce so many people to this lesser known Austin designer.  It's time for Austin to know about Amanda!  I mean, just take a look at this other total couture gown she has made... pretty fantastic, no? Continued