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For a few months there I was really enjoying living downtown.  I felt like such a stylish city gal walkin' everywhere I needed to go. "I'm like a cool New Yorker!" I thought to myself as I strutted my stuff down the streets of Austin (which are of course nothing like the streets of New York).  Now I sit here with an almost empty bottle of baby powder by my sink, contemplating getting in my car to drive two blocks to get a sandwich. Even if you are a hermit and have been hiding indoors, you would still know it's hot from all the twitpics and Instagram photos everyone has been posting of the triple digit temperatures. Continued
June is here and with temperatures already in the 90s, we are just starting to gear up for one sweaty summer.  It's always fun to see how Austinites dress in the heat, because you never know what people are going to wear.  Last night Tribeza celebrated their "Outdoors" issue release party, well, outdoors.  Jardineros Nursery recently opened up on the East side of town and includes HIJO, a space for stylish gardening supplies run by Michelle Teague, the gal behind the Mexican themed boutique JM Dry Goods.  Jardineros served as a quaint outdoor backdrop for last night's party. I wore overalls last night despite the worry that someone might mistake me for a gardener, while most opted for printed dresses and easy breezey attire.  The theme of the night's fashion was definitely "outdoor summer chic," with everyone looking casually lovely.  But, my favorite outfit of the night has to go to the little girl wearing fairy wings, and her male counterpart who wasn't wearing much at all.  It wouldn't be an east side party if there wasn't a half naked boy running around, right? Continued