Get a Ticket to an Advanced Screening of AMY

With her iconic beehive and captivating voice, Amy Winehouse will always be remembered for the mark she left on the entertainment world. Her music was an eclectic mix of musical influences from the past like jazz, R&B, and motown.  In a modern world filled with fleeting pop singles, I often hear myself thinking (as if I’m a 70 year old woman who once used her allowance money to buy doo wop records)  ”they don’t make music like they used to.” But Amy was truly one of those rare artists from our generation who made music with a classic quality. In the new documentary, AMY, we get to see the untold story of what life was like for the singer through her rise and fall.  Knowing the outcome of the 27 year old’s life, the trailer for this film alone is chilling.

Click here for a chance to see an advanced screening of AMY at Regal Metropolitan theater on Tuesday July 7th at 8pm. *

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Boss Babes ATX Style

A few weeks ago I was happy to get to attend the second meetup of this cool new group called Boss Babes ATX. If you haven’t heard of it yet, and you’re not exactly sure what a “boss babe” is, you can read the interview and Q&A I conducted with the founder of Boss Babes ATX, Jane Claire Hervey.  But basically, it’s a gathering of rad girls, so obviously I got a few style snaps.  Here’s what the boss babes were wearing at the last meetup…

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Refinery 29′s STYLE FESTIVAL comes to Austin

Starting with the floral headband boom of 2012, over the last few years music festival culture has become a major influence in the mainstream fashion world.  While young women certainly flock to fests for the music, there’s no doubt in my mind that many appear at music festivals for the style scene alone.  Music and fashion of course have always gone hand in hand, and with Austin being the live music capital of the world, it should not be a shock that the style scene of Austin has been gaining more attention lately.  SXSW obviously always puts Austin in the national spotlight, but some of my friends were even recently featured on the Urban Outfitters blog chatting about their favorite denim for a random email campaign. National brands are definitely looking at Austin more and more for inspiration.

Last year Refinery 29, in partnership with Simon Malls, launched a shopping event that focuses on the music festival fashion culture called “Style Festival.”  Six malls throughout the country were visited, and while Austin was not on the list last year at all, this year Austin is Style Festival’s first stop on the tour at the Domain.

Here’s what you will find at Style Festival:

  • “Sound Stage”: musical performances by artists like MS MR, Twin Shadow, Austra, Cults, and more
  • “Style Stage”: pop-up shops by indie boutiques & national brands like Style Mafia, Bear Cat Vintage, Beehive, and more
  • “Beauty Stage”: beauty bars with festival-inspired hair trends and flash tattoos
  • “DIY Stage”: a place to personalize custom band-inspired tour tees to take home with you after the fest

Style Festival takes place this weekend at The Domain on Saturday June 27th from 2pm – 7pm.  Get more info. about Style Festival here:


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What Makes a “Boss Babe” a “Boss Babe”? Meet Boss Babes ATX Founder, Jane Claire Hervey

“I don’t want to be seen as a baby, because I know what I’m doing.”  It wasn’t until the end of our early morning café meetup that I discovered Jane was only 22 years old.  She’s apparently not big on telling people her age because she wants to be taken seriously, and working at a job with men who are older than she is, she has a tendency to be referred to as “cute.”  There’s nothing wrong with people thinking you’re cute of course, and Jane definitely is, but for this “boss babe,” the adjective definitely doesn’t do enough to describe all that she has going for her.

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Go See “Iris” at Violet Crown Cinema

“Young lady, I’ve been watching you.  You’re not pretty, and you’ll never be pretty.  But, it doesn’t matter.  You have something much better.  You have style.”  This is what Frieda Loehmann, owner of the now closed Loehmann’s, once told a young Iris Apfel.

Iris (in her iconic oversized black rimmed glasses of course) retells this story in the new documentary about her life, “Iris.”  The film follows around the 93 year old style icon as she shows off her insane personal fashion collection inside her whimsically packed Park Avenue apartment, haggles with thrift shop clerks and flea market street vendors, and works with high fashion magazines and stores to tout her unique style.

What I liked most about this film was how inspiring it was to see someone at Iris’s age with still such a youthful and playful outlook on life. Iris obviously has style, but more importantly, she has intelligence and she hast heart.

The documentary is playing at Violet Crown Cinema from now til Thursday, so if you have a chance to go see it I definitely recommend it. Oh and also, some of the University of Texas fashion students make a cameo in this film! Check out the trailer:

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The Style at Austin Psych Fest 2015

When it comes to Austin music festivals, Austin Psych Fest is still considered to be one of the smaller ones. But this year marked its 8 year run and drew in the biggest crowd the fest has seen yet.  Despite the muddy conditions and sticky humidity caused by rain, the weekend was still beautiful and so were the attendees.  Austin Psych Fest has always brought out a specific fashion sense; one that is directly reflected in the music and the entire vibe of the festival. 1960s and 1970s psych rock influences can be found in everything from round frame circle sunglasses, fringe, lace, and colorful kimonos.  These are things that seem pretty typical for music festival fashion, but at Psych Fest this style is taken to another level, and the fashion looks much more authentic than what you might find at other more mainstream fests.  The people who attend Psych Fest, including the artists, are very much into creating looks that are a nod to the past and unique for today.

This year though, the fest became a little less about pscyh rock as the Flaming Lips headlined the lineup and the fest was referred to as “Levitation.” I think this slight change in the music could be seen in the fashion choices as there were more trendy looks on display.  Overall though, vintage fashion is always king at Austin Psych Fest, and I think this is one of the reasons why the style is always so killer at this music fest and why it is one of my favorites to photograph.

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GIVEAWAY: Win 2 Tickets to see Pitch Perfect 2

The Barden Bellas are back in PITCH PERFECT 2the follow-up to 2012’s smash hit.  The movie opens in theaters on May 15, but I am giving y’all an opportunity to win 2 seats to a special advance screening at 7:30 PM on Tuesday, May 12 at REGAL METROPOLITAN 14. NO PURCHASE NECESSARY, just fill out the form below. One entry per person please. Must be 17 years or older to enter. The contest ends at 11:59 PM on Friday, May 8 and winners will be notified on Saturday, May 9.


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Fusion: the 2015 UT Fashion Show

Under most circumstances, if I heard someone comparing a runway show to a  ”student fashion show”, I’d probably assume they were throwing shade like a Real Housewife of Atlanta. But here in Austin, the annual UT fashion show is one of the best fashion shows, if not THE best fashion show that happens all year long.  It’s not that there aren’t occasionally some fit issues or some threads hanging from the student’s designs, it’s that overall as a whole, the show is always incredibly impressive and a breath of fresh air for those in the Austin fashion scene.

This year’s show was titled “Fusion,” and took place just after Austin Fashion Week had ended.  The proximity of these events to one another this year makes it impossible for me to not compare the two.  And in my opinion, the UT show wins out. Not only is the production value of the show unmatched, but there’s just something incredibly special about seeing the work of new emerging talent in its very early stage.  It makes me smile to view the talent that these kids already have, and to think about how much time they have ahead of them to grow and develop as designers.

There are of course always a few students and a few designs that stand out to me in particular. This year one of my favorite three piece collections was from Courtney Gilmore.  Her collection was consistent in color and pattern, and yet she was able to show 3 different silhouettes. I particularly loved the little black wrap dress which I thought was super chic but also very marketable.  The whole collection also looked very well constructed.

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Being all Fashion Bloggery at Austin Fashion Week

 I try to stay behind the camera most of the time, but the Austin Fashion Week finale is one of the few events which happens in Austin that I feel a need/desire to actually get dressed up for and get my photo snapped. My friend Waytao Shing was kind enough to come and take some photos of me last Sunday acting all fashion bloggery, which is something that still honestly feels weird to me.   But, who cares! This outfit deserved to be documented.  Garment Modern loaned me a badass clutch by Finell which added some modern edge to my sweet and sophisticated Once Bitten dress (obviously I had to represent my new online boutique).  And I was particularly happy to finally have a reason to wear the fanciest pair of shoes I own, my Isabel Marant suede heels, actually out of the house.

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Vote for Your Favorite Austin Fashion Week Mash-Up Team Photo

Austin Fashion Week is fast approaching (kickoff is April 10th), and with this comes one of the most fun and crowd-involving aspects of AFW… the Mash-Up Team photos! The photos were just released to the public today and are now open for you to vote on your fave, although it might be hard to choose a winner amongst such a great array of stylish photography. I mean, how does one pick between “woman dressed as Cruella Deville lies on floor gorging on sugar cookies?” and “caddie in visor sunhat hybrid prepares for battle with deranged woman with handbag” ??? How do you choose?!?…

Click here to view all the photos and vote for your favorite!

What do y’all think of the photos? Are they a good representation of the Austin “fashion scene”?