Being all Fashion Bloggery at Austin Fashion Week

 I try to stay behind the camera most of the time, but the Austin Fashion Week finale is one of the few events which happens in Austin that I feel a need/desire to actually get dressed up for and get my photo snapped. My friend Waytao Shing was kind enough to come and take some photos of me last Sunday acting all fashion bloggery, which is something that still honestly feels weird to me.   But, who cares! This outfit deserved to be documented.  Garment Modern loaned me a badass clutch by Finell which added some modern edge to my sweet and sophisticated Once Bitten dress (obviously I had to represent my new online boutique).  And I was particularly happy to finally have a reason to wear the fanciest pair of shoes I own, my Isabel Marant suede heels, actually out of the house.

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Vote for Your Favorite Austin Fashion Week Mash-Up Team Photo

Austin Fashion Week is fast approaching (kickoff is April 10th), and with this comes one of the most fun and crowd-involving aspects of AFW… the Mash-Up Team photos! The photos were just released to the public today and are now open for you to vote on your fave, although it might be hard to choose a winner amongst such a great array of stylish photography. I mean, how does one pick between “woman dressed as Cruella Deville lies on floor gorging on sugar cookies?” and “caddie in visor sunhat hybrid prepares for battle with deranged woman with handbag” ??? How do you choose?!?…

Click here to view all the photos and vote for your favorite!

What do y’all think of the photos? Are they a good representation of the Austin “fashion scene”?

SXSW 2015 Street Style

This SXSW was totally insane. I attended as many SXStyle panels and Interactive parties as I could, hosted my first ever event during SX for my new shop Once Bitten (thank you to Tito’s Vodka and Gus’s Fried Chicken for sponsoring!!), spent some time taking street style photos for Reissued, and also played host to one of my best friends who came into town all the way from China to visit. But, I survived another year of SXSW and here are all my street style photos to prove it…

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Charm School Vintage is on the move!

Big news y’all! One of our favorite local East side shops for scoring inexpensive rad vintage clothing, Charm School Vintage, is moving. I’m slightly sad that the shop will no longer be located in the sweet charming old house that I fell in love with a few years ago when I first discovered this little gem. However, the new space sounds like it will be in a bigger and brighter space in a more accessible area on E.11th Street, so this is undoubtedly great news.

To celebrate the move, Charm School Vintage is having a yard sale at the new location during SXSW from Mar.18-20 from 2-6pm. There will be tons of dirt cheap vintage and cocktails from Dripping Springs Vodka.


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GIVEAWAY!: “I Love Austin” Rose Gold Ring

As a kid, my family would spend almost every holiday vacation in Austin. Although I grew up in Ft.Worth (which by the way is not the same city as Dallas as some people who have never visited Ft.Worth believe), I always felt like Austin was my second home. My Mom grew up in Austin and loved her weird little (at the time, simple) hometown.  At that point in my life I just loved abandoning my daily school-life routine to spend time with my cousins and be a lazy kid laying on the floor playing video games, and I could have been doing that in any city.   The only reason I moved to Austin when I got older was because I wanted to go to school at UT.  The reason I never left Austin after graduating, however, is a different story.  I’ve been living in this town for over a decade now and although it has its downsides for sure (hello traffic, hi allergies) it’s a town that encourages community, a place full of friendly people who love to collaborate, a city that makes you feel like you are capable of doing anything you want.

Once Bitten is my new online boutique that has just launched.  Owning my own store is a dream that I am very happy to be making a reality. With Once Bitten I am bringing together all my favorite clothing and accessory finds from brands and designers around the globe, but will also be collaborating with the best local designers here in Austin to create unique pieces that are a perfect combination of both sweet and edgy, classic but playful.  This week I am giving away this customized “I Love Austin” ring by Coordinates Collection which is a super sleek and simple rose gold band engraved with the geographical coordinates of Austin, Texas.  Keep reading to find out how to enter to win one of my favorite items I have up on the Once Bitten shop right now…

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5 Beauty Products I’m Diggin’ Right Now

Look at your makeup drawer right now. If there’s anything inside there that looks like it could have been stuck in the corner for the last decade or so, then it’s time for you to re-evaluate things.

Every few months I suggest doing a makeover on your makeup.  If you’re anything like me, then cleaning your makeup brushes, throwing out old stuff, and buying new fresh products will make you feel more satisfied with your life.  It sound silly, but trust me. Everything around you could totally be going to shit, but if your makeup is fresh and clean then you really will feel like you having everything under control.  Plus, who doesn’t love a trip to Sephora to browse and find new products to test out? A trip to Sephora was one of my first public outings I made after recently having major surgery, and it made me feel like a normal person again. (Btw, if you’re completely at a loss for Christmas present ideas for your niece, cousin, sister, etc. then I suggest giving them a gift card to Sephora. I know gift cards can seem kind of lame, but this is one that I really think most girls would love to get.)

So after my recent makeup overhaul, here are the 5 products I am really digging right now:


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Fun Fun Fun Fest FASHION

There’s another “F” associated with Fun Fun Fun Fest and it definitely stands for FASHION. Over the last few years this music fest which also includes skateboarding, wrestling matches, standup comedy, an air sex competition, and even a taco cannon, has become my favorite fest to snap photos of. Fun Fun Fun Fest is definitely smaller than ACL, but this is what makes this fest more doable and enjoyable in my opinion.  The eclectic nature of this fest also brings out a really cool crowd of attendees and performers who really understand how to dress for fests.

One of my favorite trends of FFFFest is always buttons. People love to show off their support for bands, their favorite record shop, or simply their love of tacos by wearing pins on their jacket. This year I passed out my own Keep Austin Stylish buttons to anyone I snapped a photo of (I also gave one out to a boy who I just thought was really cute…shhh.)  Another style piece one sees a lot of at FFFFest because it is a classic rock n’roll staple, is the black motorcyle jacket.  Some additions to the fashion that I saw this year were more sequins and sparkle, more interesting statement sunnies, and plenty of denim jackets.

Here are some of my favorite styles that I saw this past weekend at Fun Fun Fun Fest.  What do you think of the fashion? Is FFFFest the best fest for street style?…

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Fashion Freakout, I Missed You

I don’t know what was going on Saturday but I swear there was some sort of glitch in Austin’s space time continuum.  The day flew by so quickly that all of a sudden it was almost 8:00 and I hadn’t even picked out an outfit to wear to the Freakout yet. I quickly threw on my Bart Simpson t-shirt (that I found on Ebay 10 years ago and hadn’t worn in about 3) and some sequins, summoned my Lyft driver, and was out the door.  It was probably best that I didn’t have much time to spend on deciding what to wear.  I felt comfy and confident the whole night as I was much more focused on the show and on having fun.  I was feeling the Fashion Freakout good vibes.

Doors opened at 7 pm last Saturday night at Hotel Vegas for, after an almost 3 year hiatus, Fashion Freakout’s return and 6th edition.  I wasn’t the only one affected by the spacetime continuum issue that was happening Saturday night, because although the show was scheduled to start at 9, Hotel Vegas wasn’t fully packed til around 9:30. And it was of course just about this time when suddenly time slowed back down to its regular speed, causing a major build in anticipation.

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Fashion Freakout is Back!

Because I’ve been at this whole Austin fashion blog thing for 5 years, I will admit that I have become a little burnt out and somewhat jaded when it comes to local fashion events.  It’s very rare that I attend a fashion event in Austin that lives up to the hype that its organizers or publicists attempt to create, and this especially rings true when we are talking about fashion shows.  But when I heard that after almost a three-year hiatus, Fashion Freakout was returning, I was legitimately excited.

Fashion Freakout is the show I always reference when people ask me about the Austin fashion scene.  It is one of, if not the only, regular fashion events in Austin that feels uniquely and representative of Austin.  Why?  The show is comprised of local vintage boutiques showcasing their rock star styling, the babeliest of local babes walking the runway, and, live music.  The energy at this show has always been amazing.  You can not only see but feel the passion everyone involved in this show has for producing a fun and creative event.

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Fashion at The Fest: ACL 2014!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in my #StylishatACL GIVEAWAY courtesy of AT&T U-Verse GigaPower! It was truthfully very exciting and fun to do this type of interactive giveaway and see everyone’s responses. I had so much fun this weekend and it was in big part thanks to y’all who follow and support this blog!

Scroll down to the end of my recap and photos to find out if you are the WINNER of 2 tickets to the next weekend of ACL!…

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