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The Style Moments That Defined The First Year of SOS Fest

Heralded as the “new Fun Fun”, the first ever Sound on Sound music festival took place last weekend just months after the announcement that Fun Fun Fun Fest as we all had grown to know it and love it, would cease to exist.   But Sound on Sound, created and managed by the same folks who brought us the original Fun Fun, promised a fresh and exciting fest in its place.  Taking place at Sherwood Forest, a venue created for renaissance fair festivals, Fun Fun would supposedly have things that regular music fests don’t have.  And, it did!  Jousting, ax throwing, and a dragon themed stage were some of the things that made this fest feel very unique.

As a style photographer, I went into this brand new baby fest not really knowing what to expect from festival goers.  Fun Fun was always one of my favorite fests to photograph because the acts, which were usually more indie with a cool mix of different types of music, tended to bring out a lot of really different styles.  Sound on Sound was no different in this regard, with a unique and less mainstream list of acts bringing out a fun mix of attendees whose styles were all over the board.  In addition to this, the renn fair venue also had me running into a friend dressed in a complete woodland fairy costume, a Khaleesi outfit, and a knight in shining armor.  Anything goes at Sound at Sound.  While the rain on the last day of the fest put a damper on things and cut my style photo taking short (I was stuck on a shuttle bus for 3 hours but hey, at least we pulled over into a Walmart parking lot and some of my fellow passengers were kind enough to go on a beer run), I still found some amazing outfits over the weekend. My favorite style moments at Sound on Sound 2016…

Denim for Days
dsc_1209Boss Babes founder Jane Claire Hervey shows us how to rock a Canadian tuxedo at a fest.



American Woman

Disco babe Payton Morse has us blinking twice and seeing stars “is this outfit forreal?” Yep!dsc_1224


Copper on Copper on Copperdsc_1227Anastasia gives us a modern music fest take on Sherwood Forest chainmail by decking herself out in a lovely shade of metallic copper.


Trend Cutiedsc_1248Ava Schaefer wears the two biggest trends of the summer: an off the shoulder top and a choker necklace, but pairs them both with a cute denim star skirt.


The Bigger The Hoops 🙏dsc_1239Isha makes it look so easy.


Jordynn With a Y
dsc_1256Jordynn wears her superfly pants with a customized name necklace, heart hoops, and some babely makeup to boot.



Drop Deaddsc_1261If the red blazer paired with a vintage lacy slipdress wasn’t enough, Jona Creager takes this look to the next level with her choice of necklace layering.



dsc_1270Jess Dye stands out in neon colors from her dress to her hair.


Jumpsuit Dreamsdsc_1276Coeli Janiak keeps it simple but cool in this rad jumpsuit and cream booties.


Funky, Casual, and Moderndsc_12813 SOS gals show off an array of festival footwear choices.


Vintage Purveyorsdsc_1287The owners of Passport Vintage appropriately dressed in vintage denim looking casually cool. Bonus points for the Duff beer pin.



Boudoir Babedsc_1292Lauren Dunkin gives us an important lesson on how to turn underwear into outerwear.


Baby You’re a Stardsc_1295Breezy McNamara gives us a vintage 70’s inspired look that’s fit for the stage.


Color Kid
dsc_1301Anyone who can make a fanny pack look cool deserves a photo. Celine Rendon also shows us how combining pastels with brighter shades of color just works.


Ma$edsc_1304Sometimes all you need is a simple statement tee. Mandeep Rangi takes us back to 1997 with this colorful throwback.


Modern Bohemiandsc_1309Music fest couples take note. Rex Hamilton and Rilee Mineo show us how to effortlessly coordinate your looks in a modern take on boho style.