Trend Spotting at this Year's Festival

DSC_1711Bold vintage shaped white framed sunnies might be the must have accessory for this spring/summer season, and stylish dudes were particularly loving this trend during SXSW. C Roy, who was performing at the fest, caught my eye on dirty 6th for his sunnies, vintage Simpsons tee, and rose embroidered sneakers. He looked fresh and fun.

C Roy, Los Angeles
DSC_1714DSC_1707Doc Martens are a classic music fest favorite, but are usually used for a grungy look. Amy took on a cleaner, more modern and simpler way of styling her bright white Docs.

Amy He, HoustonDSC_1704DSC_1721Giving off serious classic rocker vibes, Jacob Polansky strutted in some gold boots that look fit for Mick Jagger.

Jacob Polansky, Austin

DSC_1727 Statement denim is a SXSW favorite. Morgan was borrowing this jean jacket from her guy friend when the back of it caught my eye.

Morgan Morrow, Philly

DSC_1732Waiting in line outside of Empire, Ali was looking effortlessly cool and comfortable in her vintage Vietnam vet hat and yellow coveralls.

Ali Marcus, AustinDSC_1736 DSC_1739Cortney brought her accordion purse all the way from London showing off her quirky British style.

Cortney Dixon, London

DSC_1751You can always find Leslie showing off her 70s inspired style. This look isn’t just for festivals, for this vintage clothing dealer and hand embroiderer, it’s a way of life.

Leslie Cottrill, AustinDSC_1753 DSC_1755Her hair matched her romper. I’m not sure you can get much cooler than this look!

Sala, Austin

DSC_1761“Let me put some lip gloss on first and make my mama proud.” Mahaley was looking colorful and sweet at the fest.

Mahaley Huddleston, Austin

DSC_1769Laura rocked this nerdy chic and feminine look beautifully. The nude color palette looked very cool with her bright red contrasting lip.
DSC_1771And heart socks!DSC_1773Laura Persons, Atlanta TX

What trends did y’all notice at SXSW this year? Who had your favorite look?

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  • Jade Dsa

    Amazing outfits! Love the brown shorts in the first picture

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    These style is so unique. I like it. Can you post more street style?