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I've been single for quite some time now, and being single is pretty much the greatest.  No one's around to tell you that you're watching too much Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, you don't ever have to pretend to care about sports or join a fantasy football league, the only laundry you ever do is your own, and you literally get to do who or whatever you want. The downside to being single is that you have to try and date other people, and this is where it can get horrifying.  Truthfully I am actually a hopeless romantic and tend to have a very open heart, so my 20s have naturally been filled with some scary dating experiences that have left me with some important knowledge for the future.  If you are single and you do not have a list (a mental one at least, but it helps to write them down) of red flags, then you are either extremely brave or helplessly unaware.  Here are some of my (I called upon my best friend for some advice as well) most important dating RED FLAGS in no particular order: 1.  He's not on Facebook Sure, everyone hates Facebook and wishes they didn't have to do it.  But, most people will also say the same thing about their job from time to time, but that doesn't mean they quit.  You and I might hate Facebook but we're still on it.  Why? Because you and I are normal human beings who have decided to be a part of society.  The guy who says he's not on Facebook does not function by societal norms, which you might find intriguing.  However, it's actually not interesting at all once you realize that not only is he hiding his personal life from "the world," but he's also hiding his personal life from you, which you are not a part of, nor should you ever be.  He is not to be trusted. 2. He's a DJ DJ's are a particularly scary breed of men that aren't much different than vampires.  They live in a different mysterious world than you and I, which, might explain their initial appeal.  However, even if you do manage to find a DJ who actually likes to socialize before sunset, you will find that this dark underworld is one which they thrive within and will attempt to bring you down into at the detriment of your well being.  The undead will always try to feed off the living.  You are alive and full of potential with a bright future ahead of you, your DJ is not. Continued