“Aren’t you hot in that jacket?” the nice older gentleman asked me.

Yes, I was wearing a jacket on a 90 degree early September night.  An oversized “boyfriend style” jean jacket that I thrifted at a local Goodwill a little over 2 years ago and have happily been sporting ever since, adding even more wear to its already lovingly used look and feel.

There’s just something about a jacket that makes you feel more put together, more cool, more comfortable, more stylish.  And the second September hits, the stores begin flaunting their new Fall fashions which of course includes JACKETS.  In Texas however, I begrudgingly admit that in early September we are a long ways away from jacket weather.

This happens every year, and I’ve written about the ridiculousness before.  But for some reason this year I’m actually embracing the idea of shopping for Fall/Winter clothing while its still 90 degrees outside.  Maybe it’s because I’m now a buyer for my own shop and I’m constantly looking ahead to the next season and buying in advance, perhaps I’m getting older and becoming more mature in my own personal shopping investments and able to plan ahead, or maybe the fact that this past summer has been cooler than normal has made me less angry about shopping for Fall in the summer.

But whatever the reason, I’m definitely itching for Fall, but in a slightly less jealous and anxious sort of way.  I’m just ready to wear pants, ready to layer, and I’m ready to rest my hands in the pockets of a cool comfy jacket without being the lunatic who’s wearing a jacket at the party.  Cooler weather will come eventually and when it does, I’ll be prepared.


some jackets that I’m already eyeing (with the big emoji heart eyes of course)…

20150904123131Slouchy Boyfriend jacket from Free People, $168 – The slouchier the jacket the better I think. This one could be worn so many different ways!

35046010_067_bMembers Only blush satin bomber jacket from Urban Outfitters, $108 – I’m currently wanting everything in this dusty blush color, and I love how this jacket is simultaneously girly and boyish

IMG_0227The Fifth In the Moment Tartan Plaid Jacket from Once Bitten, $135 – this Cher Horowitz-esque jacket is from my own shop, so obviously I’m a fan. This is the one I’ll personally be rocking once it actually gets cool