Tag: hair dreams

When I tweeted that I wanted a hair weave, one of my followers asked if my account had been hacked. Nope, my expression of wanting hair extensions was true and honest.  Beneath the fine hair which sits on top of my head, has always been a mind dreaming of thicker fuller hair.  I've always known the look I wanted would never be fully achieved with the use of hair products and styling (a volumizing foam can only do so much.) A few years ago I met a friend who used clip on extensions fairly regularly to add fullness to her hair.  While the clip ons worked well for her (she already had fairly full hair compared to me), I could only imagine myself in clip on extensions being even more of a nervous wreck than I already.  "Are my extensions falling out?" "Can you see my clips?" Already bouncing around a fair amount of bizarre thoughts in my mind at all times, I really didn't think there was any room up there for the worry that I felt would accompany clip on hair extensions.   I hate to overuse a Sweet Brown quote but seriously, nobody got time for dat.  And after realizing everyone I see on TV has hair extensions (seriously, pretty much everyone in Hollywood wears some form of hair extensions) I decided that permanent hair extensions might be the way to go. Continued