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Winter is all about romance, mystery, and magic.  For our latest photo shoot we went to Red Bud Isle, a place I've always considered to be magical. It's a little getaway right here in the city that makes you feel transported to a far away place.  Sheer fabrics, velvet, sequins, and edgy accessories inspired by nature complement the outdoor surroundings.  Our model Lisa Siva plays the part of our forest princess perfectly looking like a real life Snow White with a bit of an edge. This winter don't be afraid to wear a dark lip and add some unexpected jewelry to your feminine attire. Add some mystery to your look and you just might enchant someone. Continued
I’m terrified that one day technology will surpass humans and robots will take over the world (I really should have never watched that documentary on singularity, or any sci-fi movie ever made).  Okay, that might be an extreme exaggeration of my fears having to do with the future of shopping, but, I do worry about… Continued