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"What made you move to Austin?" I asked the native Argentinian.  "For love" she replied.  The song "La Vie En Rosa" was appropriately playing in the background, and if I wasn't such a hopeless romantic at heart, I might have rolled my eyes in disgust.  Normally one might scoff at the thought of a woman leaving her entire world and learning a different language in order to follow a man.  But looking at Mariela and hearing her say "love" in that romantic accent, it just all felt so dreamy and perfect that I couldn't help but believe in it. Mariela (whose last name is now Webber) has only been in Austin for 6 months now, but has already opened up her very own boutique in a prime location on East 6th.  Determined to open the space sooner than her architects had quoted, Mariela took over the project herself and revamped the space creating a clean, feminine, but cool space for women to shop.  After chatting with her, I soon realized that this wasn't just a story of a woman following a man, but rather, a story of a woman following her dream.  Set on creating something all her own, Mariela has opened Maga La Boheme. Continued