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It was my first morning in NYC, and as I made my way to the New York Fashion Week grounds and walked up the steps of the Lincoln Center, I was immediately overwhelmed at all the fashion eye candy.  The first person I stopped to photograph was a whacky dressed man wearing Mickey Mouse ears. Only afterwards did I realize I had just photographed Mondo, one of my all time favorite Project Runway designers.  This first experience was just a taste of the amazing visual treats that were to come from my 5 day stay in New York, and by the time the trip was over I had certainly become a style diabetic.

Some standout trends that I noticed were huge in New York during Fashion Week were: mirrored sunglasses (I think even the crazy people who beg for money in the subway were wearing these), metallic shoes and accessories, lucite clutches and sheer vinyl bags, head-to-toe white, black and white stripes and checks, head-to-toe matching patterns, and of course the “jacket over the shoulders without putting your arms through the sleeves” look.  It’s a fairly well known fact that people in New York hate putting their arms through sleeves, they absolutely hate it.  I tried to recreate this look at one point while I was in New York because ya know “when in Rome”, however, I found it hard to function like this (mostly because of my nerves.)  How does anyone just walk around with their jacket draped over themselves as if they’re not terrified that it could fall off at any unforeseen moment?! I guess I just can’t live life that imprudently.