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A part of my liver might have died, my hearing got a little worse, and I’m now limping thanks to some sort of weird knot in my left foot.  Like being cooped up inside a Las Vegas casino or a vacation cruise ship, I lost all sense of time while riding the wave of SXSW but fully embraced the shenanigans.  But besides being the best time in Austin to experience free drinks, free music, free tacos, and free headaches, SX is also the best time to snap street style photos in Austin.  People flock from around the globe to experience the madness, and with them bring a cornucopia of styles for us to feast our eyes upon.

This year was all about stand out accessories such as interesting head wraps, bold jewelry, statement sunglasses, cammo prints, and sneakers.  2013 brought out more of an urban street-wear vibe as opposed to the bohemian festival-wear vibe that has been popular in years past.  This change can perhaps be attributed to the inclusion of a lot more hip hop and rap acts to the festival this year, as well as the growing national trend towards urban wear.  Check out all the stylish people who caught my eye during SXSW this past week!…

Jenny Woys, Austin TX

Sara Stark, Austin TX

Esther Cho, NY

Latasha Alcindor, Brooklyn NY

Robyn Edwards, UK

Deondra Jones, Houston TX

Zahira Gutierrez and Cody Swann of Wild Moccasins, Houston TX

Kariss Gordon, TX

Bryan Hamilton, Houston TX

Rahel Pearson, Austin TX

Maria Sherman, NY

Lauren Frances, Austin TX

Amanda Braun, Tyler TX

Audrey Naploeon, L.A.

Ashley Cass, Austin TX

Emily Morse, Chicago IL

Sinkane, Sudan

Spenser Honeycutt, Raleigh NC

Sarah Ellison Lewis, Austin TX

Kibang, South Korea

Cliff Chien, Brooklyn NY


Allie Silver, Argentina

Leticia Wolf, Nashville

Sirah, L.A.

Christina Albina, Maryland; Sandflower, NY

You Hiking Son, South Korea

Maachew Bentley (DJ Thoth), NY

Alice Hines, NY

Gloria, NY

Daniel Ha, Austin


Teal, NY

Priscilla Barroso, Austin TX

Ashley Granata, NY

Marie Caccavale, Denton TX

Erina Uemura, NY

Diamond Janae, Dallas TX

Jennifer Schuler, Austin TX

Charly and Margaux, Brooklyn NY

Shadora, Washington D.C.

Natalie Mahin, San Diego CA

Rinny Perkins, Houston TX

Andre Findley, Miranda Govea, Chicago IL

Kate Morgan, San Francisco CA

Krust Kollective, Brooklyn NY

Lauren Lanford, Las Vegas

Whitney Williams, Oklahoma City

Ignacio Torres, NYC

Marcus Waters, Austin TX

Max Hershenow, NY

Jess Dale, Australia

Katie Pierce, Columbus OH

Erika Mugglin, Columbus OH

Natalie Suarez, NY

Kelsea Kosko, NY

Joanna Wilkinson

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