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It’s time to start thinking about Austin Fashion Week!  The voice inside your head might  be saying, “Didn’t Austin Fashion Week just happen?”, but, the week long event, which was previously held in August, has made the switch to May.  Considering once SXSW hits Austin in March causing us to spiral out of control needing the entire month of April to recover, the next Austin Fashion Week is really right around the corner.

Why the switch to May?  Besides the obvious benefit of less face-melting weather, Austin Fashion Week founder Matt Swinney says he believes this time period will be a more flexible date for designers to show their work.  Situated in between both New York Fashion Week events which set the fashion trends worldwide, Austin Fashion Week will be welcoming of both Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer collections from both local Austin designers, as well as designers outside of Austin.

The first Austin Fashion Week event for 2013 was announced today and it involves a fancy seated dinner, a fashion show, and an after-party showcasing Austin Fashion Week hair and makeup teams.  Check out the details below…

And if you are interested in participating in Austin Fashion Week, whether you are a designer, hair stylist, MUA, photographer, boutique owner, etc., make sure you check out the Austin Fashion website for more information on how to participate!

To purchase tickets to Austin Fashion Week you can get either a VIP package or a an all access badge.

Individual tickets to Encore and Noir will be available in February.


Joanna Wilkinson
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