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So, you’re heading to Austin for SXSW.  While you may have already read plenty of write-ups about where to find the best food and drinks while in town and have already changed your Tinder location to Austin to do some pre-SX matching (yes there are people out there who actually do this), you… Continued
Its name alone is reason to favor the new boutique on 5th and Lamar, "MYNTE", over its predecessor "Touch of Sass."  For the last few years I have been cringing every time anyone mentioned the boutique "Touch of Sass" purely because of its name.  There are a few more reasons though, besides its fresh moniker, that this updated boutique may feel like an upgrade.  Handbags and accessories feel like the main attraction at MYNTE.  Rebecca Minkoff handbags in various styles and colors line the walls, and unique jewelry pieces fill the cases. Personally I'm not usually a big fan of new jewelry and am generally more attracted to vintage and antique pieces.  But, one of my favorite things at MYNTE has to be their collection of jewelry from Lionette, a line based out of NYC that you won't find anywhere else in Austin.  Lionette has an eclectic vibe that still maintains the right amount of femininity.  I fell in love with the Lionette statement making necklaces right away, however with each piece carrying a heavy price tag of around $500, I doubt I'll be making too many Lionette purchases. MYNTE also carries several lines from local Austin designers including the colorful and classy clothing from Michelle Weisman of 81 Poppies, and the hand dyed scarves from one of my favorite ladies in Austin, My-Cherie Haley of Shimmer and Bliss.  MYNTE owner Angela Hampton and buyer Jordan Elkins say they have concentrated on stocking high quality merchandise that is also environmentally-conscious and lines that are predominantly made in the U.S.  MYTNE celebrated their launch with a party last Wednesday that brought out a large crowd, that appeared to mostly consist of Austin West siders. Continued
"What made you move to Austin?" I asked the native Argentinian.  "For love" she replied.  The song "La Vie En Rosa" was appropriately playing in the background, and if I wasn't such a hopeless romantic at heart, I might have rolled my eyes in disgust.  Normally one might scoff at the thought of a woman leaving her entire world and learning a different language in order to follow a man.  But looking at Mariela and hearing her say "love" in that romantic accent, it just all felt so dreamy and perfect that I couldn't help but believe in it. Mariela (whose last name is now Webber) has only been in Austin for 6 months now, but has already opened up her very own boutique in a prime location on East 6th.  Determined to open the space sooner than her architects had quoted, Mariela took over the project herself and revamped the space creating a clean, feminine, but cool space for women to shop.  After chatting with her, I soon realized that this wasn't just a story of a woman following a man, but rather, a story of a woman following her dream.  Set on creating something all her own, Mariela has opened Maga La Boheme. Continued
How many of you have already purchased or made your costume?  How many of you have at least figured out what you are going to be?  Even though Halloween is just a week away, many (probably most) of you have no idea what you are going to wear.  AHHHHHH!!!! Don’t stress out!  If you are… Continued