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In a creative and whimsical effort to encourage adults to experience a little wonder (and their product), Sleepy Jones is giving away free pajamas across America.  The sleepwear brand, which specializes in super cute and classic pajamas that look like something you might wear all day long while eating croissants and drinking coffee… Continued
Gail Chovan's fashion shows always seem to mark the first night of Fall in Austin. Last year everyone busted out their furs and oxblood colored garments. This year it was all about hats, capes, prints, unique accessories, and of course still the furs.  Once it cools down, Austinites really embrace getting dressed up at night, and Gail Chovan's shows particularly bring out a stylish and creative crowd.  Last Wednesday's "Aesthetic Ghosts" show was definitely a great night for style watching. Continued
When I found out I had been denied a photo pass to ACL, I was only mildly bummed.  Actually to be quite honest, I didn't care at all. My friends and I skipped out on the first weekend of ACL entirely and drove out west to Marfa instead.  I even purchased an instant camera before the trip (yes I took a polaroid camera to Marfa, call me a hipster all you want), and the trip was beautiful and full of border control and toothless adventures.  I told myself I would only attend the second weekend of ACL if a ticket fell into my lap. Well, one did (I sorta knew it would because it's actually normally a lot more difficult to NOT attend ACL than it is to attend it). However, the great flood of 2013 kept me from attending more than only one day of the music festival, so I was only able to snap style photos of one day.  After witnessing the YOLO t-shirts, the guys dressed up in twin 70s tuxedos, and the amount of girls who scarily looked like they might be influenced too much by Miley Cyrus, I still stand by my historically proven theory that ACL is the worst music festival for fashion.  I tried to focus on the good, relying on my street style eye to find the hidden gems, but even the good has left me yawning.  Basically, I think I might start ripping flower crowns off girls' heads at music festivals and create a mulch company called "I'm Over It." What do y'all think about the fashion at ACL? Continued
Aly Barbour Age: 24 Spotted: outside Flattrack Coffee Wearing: top from Buffalo Exchange, American Apparel shorts, clutch from Zara, Jeffrey Campbells boots Currently listening to: The Growlers Joanna Wilkinson keep austin stylish… Continued