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When it comes to Austin music festivals, Austin Psych Fest is still considered to be one of the smaller ones. But this year marked its 8 year run and drew in the biggest crowd the fest has seen yet.  Despite the muddy conditions and sticky humidity caused by rain, the weekend was still beautiful and so were the attendees.  Austin Psych Fest has always brought out a specific fashion sense; one that is directly reflected in the music and the entire vibe of the festival. 1960s and 1970s psych rock influences can be found in everything from round frame circle sunglasses, fringe, lace, and colorful kimonos.  These are things that seem pretty typical for music festival fashion, but at Psych Fest this style is taken to another level, and the fashion looks much more authentic than what you might find at other more mainstream fests.  The people who attend Psych Fest, including the artists, are very much into creating looks that are a nod to the past and unique for today. This year though, the fest became a little less about pscyh rock as the Flaming Lips headlined the lineup and the fest was referred to as "Levitation." I think this slight change in the music could be seen in the fashion choices as there were more trendy looks on display.  Overall though, vintage fashion is always king at Austin Psych Fest, and I think this is one of the reasons why the style is always so killer at this music fest and why it is one of my favorites to photograph. Continued
Unsurprisingly there was plenty of 1960s and 1970s style influences seen at Austin Psych Fest this past weekend. Bell bottoms, floppy hats, peasant tops, bell sleeves, and crochet dresses are all the norm at the psychedelic rock music festival.  This year though, I saw more attendees influenced by current trends such as metallic and batwing sunglasses, as well as wide brimmed straw hats.  But the main difference in the style this year at Psych Fest was that everyone was wearing a lot more color.  Last year was black, black on black, and black accessorized with black, whereas this year there was an abundance of floral print, denim, and even some multi-colored sequins. The best part about the street style at Austin Psych Fest?  I saw zero white people in Native American headdresses and only one floral headband, so ACL and Coachella can suck it. Continued
If there's one thing Austinites know how to dress for, it's music festivals.  In fact, while out of towners take time planning their "festival attire", Austinites have it easy because we maintain closets full of festival appropriate garb year round.  But if there's one music festival that might take more time getting dressed for, it's Austin Psych Fest.  While Psych Fest is certainly one of the chillest music festivals you will attend, it's also one of the most fashionable.  The music undoubtedly influences what attendees wear, and the style of the 60's and 70s plays a big role in helping produce a visual aesthetic that matches the psychedelic rock vibe of the festival. This year Austin Psych Fest was bigger than ever being held at Carson Creek Ranch which provided a beautiful backdrop for the laid back fest, and even allowed fest-goers to camp out in tents for the weekend.  Trends at Psych Fest this year included bell bottoms, round frame sunglasses, wide brim hats, and lace up boots.  Some Psych Fest-goers looked like they stepped right out of a 1969 photograph, while others kept things more modern by mixing in more current pieces to their look.  But if you chose to wear bright colors to the festival, you definitely stood out because black was the most popular color of the weekend. Continued
What: Austin Pysch Fest Where: The Mohawk When: August 12, 2011 Sometimes in Austin when you combine Rock n’ Roll with Fashion, you get a specific look.  It’s a little 70s inspired and a little bohemian.  If last night you wore something Janis Joplin would have worn, then you probably fit in. I think the… Continued