Joanna Wilkinson, Founder/Editor of Keep Austin Stylish

Austin is a beautiful city full of creative people and creative fashion. I love this city and the people who are doing their part to keep it creative and unique. “Keep Austin Weird” is appropriately our city’s slogan, lending support to independent local businesses which do their part to keep our city fun and eclectic. This blog brings you the fashion news and trends of our special city with a focus on local independent boutiques, designers, and everyone who is keeping Austin stylish, as well as national fashion news and trends from an Austinite’s voice. While some outsiders may think of Austin as being a casual city with a lack of fashion, I think our city is casually chic with an emphasis on individuality and a lack of pressure to conform.

While this blog was created one day during fever induced boredom (I got Swine Flu back in 2009 and didn’t have a TV in my room), it has since grown into much more than a hobby. For the last 6 years I have watched and participated in Austin’s growing fashion scene, and I have been here documenting its evolution on this blog. Thank you to everyone who does their part to keep Austin stylish!

All photos and content are taken and written by me unless otherwise noted and are property of Keep Austin Stylish. Please CONTACT ME if you would like to use any photos.

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Also, I am currently working as a freelancer in all the following categories, so feel free to hit me up if you’d like me to help you out with any of the following: wardrobe styling, writing, photography.  I am also the owner of my own online boutique, so check out Once Bitten if you would like to shop my personal curation of brands.

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