Back in February the first high-top trainer from the debut Kanye West x Adidas Originals collection, “The Yeezy Boost” was released and sold out in 10 minutes. This past June, a second reiteration was born, the “Yeezy Boost 350″…

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June 26, 2015

I set my alarm for an astoundingly early 6:30AM and fall
asleep with the anticipation of a small child hoping
Santa doesn’t skip his house this year (like he did when
the Red Octobers were dropped).

June 27, 2015
This is much earlier than I originally expected. Is 6:30 on
a Saturday earlier than 6:30 any other day of the week?
(This is a thought that will plague me for days to come,
but right now it’s Yeezy season). I push snooze.

“What kind of person wakes up at 6:45 on a Saturday for a
pair of shoes?”, “Is this real life?”, “Am I a complete
sociopath?”, “I hate myself”, all thoughts running through
my head as I stagger into my kitchen to start the Keurig
and open my Mac.

All my tabs have in the address bar and
approximately none of them are loading. The site has
crashed and it’s still 10 minutes until the shoes drop.
This is not good news.

I constantly hit refresh on 12 different tabs across 2
different browsers (Safari and Chrome). None will load, and
the Finishline twitter handle has indicated that they sold
out 10 minutes ago. This is a depressing blow. I have too
much adrenaline in my system to go back to bed now and it’s
only 35 minutes until the rest of the world releases them.
I head to the coffee shop and play “A Beautiful Dark
Twisted Fantasy” the entire way (for good luck of course).

I’ve ordered my quad shot mocha as I wish they offered
pumpkin spice latte year round. The coffee shop is vacant,
most likely because it’s 7:45AM on a Saturday, and there’s no
excuse for anyone to be at a coffee shop this early on a
Saturday, EVER. I post up in the corner.

I start to worry that this free wifi isn’t the appropriate
speed needed to cop a pair of Yeezy 350 Boosts. I approach
the barista and ask if I can pay extra for a secret, faster
wifi. I cannot. He assures me that this is a thing that
doesn’t exist. I think he’s lying.

It’s go time. I have both browsers open and too many tabs
to count. The websites filling them are:,, (yes Eastbay still exists and
somehow got the Yeezy 350 boosts),, and There’s no way I’m not getting a pair.

8:00AM is a clusterfuck and a poor excuse of a
website. It’s not crashing, yet not letting me add the
Yeezys to my cart. crashes within seconds, I
give up on that battle and send reinforcements to “Did the same person design all of these
websites?”, I ask myself as I realize what a piece of shit is too.

I still have hope, but no Yeezys.

“Fuck?!?!?!” just dropped. All of my troops
move forward! Boom, the enemy is retreating! I have a pair
in my cart!!! “Thank you Yeezus”, I scream aloud as several
confusing stares are sent in my direction. The battle has
been won! Hold on… What is this?!?!?! You keep crashing as
I try to check out?!?! That doesn’t seem right, but hey at
least I have a pair in my cart. They can’t take that away
from me. I decide to wait it out and take my first sip of

8:15AM-8:35AM is still crashing at my every attempt to
checkout. feels like it was designed by a
gradeschooler learning to code and still won’t let me add
anything to my cart. has had many casualties and
is a battle I prefer not speak of.

My mocha is only half empty and cold, much like my life at
this very moment.

8:43AM finally allows me to checkout only to alert me
that “the product that was in my cart is no longer
available”. I can’t describe all of the emotions coursing through
my body at this precise moment in time. A hybrid of rage,
sadness, depression, rejection, envy, lust, and even
gluttony. I can only call it Shakespearean, and assume it
the exact emotion Juliet felt as she saw Romeo lying there

“FUCK YOU ADIDAS” is my most recurring thought through this
five plus hour span. It’s at this time I realize I had
forgotten about, but there’s no time to play
“what if”. Now is the time for revenge not reflection. I
spend most of this time rechecking every website that
received the kicks just hoping someone fucked up and their
credit card got declined. No such luck.

“What am I doing”, I ask myself, “I don’t even like Adidas.
Sure their Stan Smiths are comfortable but they’re no Nike.
I’m not a poser. My loyalty has always been with Phil

I head over to and cop a pair of the black out
Huarache NM. As I click order I realize there is a hole in my
heart that will never be filled by second choice Nikes or
Officine Generale Oxfords or even a new Billy Reid Blazer. No, this
hole can only be filled on August 22, 2015 by the black
Yeezy Boost 350.


Tune in on August 23rd for Diary Entry #2.