Is Washing Your Hair With Shiner Bock Beer a Good Idea??

One of the best things about getting your hair cut at Birds Barbershop is of course getting to drink the free Shiner that they give out to their patrons.  But now Birds wants to do something else with their beer… they want to wash your hair in it.

How does it work?  A “bockwash” is accomplished by simply drenching your clean towel dried hair with a can of flat Shiner bock. Let your hair soak in the beer for about 5 minutes, reminding yourself what college smelled like, and then rinse and style as usual.  Watch the lil’ video below if somehow you’re confused by this incredibly easy to understand process.

According to experts, the proteins in a can of Shiner bock beer can boost hair volume, while the sugars tighten cuticles to help produce that extra shine.  So, as long as you can handle the frat house flashback, then a “bockwash” seems like a pretty good idea!

To celebrate the final weeks of summer, Birds Barbershop will be offering free Shiner hair wash treatments with any haircut, in each of its stores from Aug. 14th through Aug. 28th, 2015.