Look at your makeup drawer right now. If there’s anything inside there that looks like it could have been stuck in the corner for the last decade or so, then it’s time for you to re-evaluate things.

Every few months I suggest doing a makeover on your makeup.  If you’re anything like me, then cleaning your makeup brushes, throwing out old stuff, and buying new fresh products will make you feel more satisfied with your life.  It sound silly, but trust me. Everything around you could totally be going to shit, but if your makeup is fresh and clean then you really will feel like you having everything under control.  Plus, who doesn’t love a trip to Sephora to browse and find new products to test out? A trip to Sephora was one of my first public outings I made after recently having major surgery, and it made me feel like a normal person again. (Btw, if you’re completely at a loss for Christmas present ideas for your niece, cousin, sister, etc. then I suggest giving them a gift card to Sephora. I know gift cards can seem kind of lame, but this is one that I really think most girls would love to get.)

So after my recent makeup overhaul, here are the 5 products I am really digging right now:


1) Beautyblender – this little egg-shaped dude is a really fun tool for putting on base and/or concealer. The contour shape makes it easy to blend everything. It’s super fun and makes you feel like a pro.

2) Benefit High Beam – a highlighter that gives you that fresh dewy complexion. Put it on your cheekbones or just under your brows. A little goes a long way with this stuff.

3) Sircuit Molecular Mist – this spray moisturizes your skin while also naturally protecting it against harmful UV rays. Besides the fact that this spray refreshes your skin and make it feel amazing, it also acts as a makeup setter (just make sure you spray it on before you put on mascara.) I love this stuff!  Your skin will feel super healthy, especially during the winter when your skin can get dry.

4) Batiste dry shampoo – I’ve always been into the whole dry shampoo thing, because duh, washing your hair sucks. But for some reason I had never tried this classic dry shampoo by Batiste until recently, and now it’s my go-to for dirty hair (so it gets a lot of use.)

5) Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint – this is makeup for the girl (like myself) who doesn’t like to look like she’s wearing makeup. I usually opt for a tinted moisturizer instead of an actual base makeup because I like something light, but this skin tint by Glossier is sort of in between a base and a tinted moisturizer in the best way. It covers really lightly and feels great and fresh on your skin, but evens out your skin and makes it look as flawless as a base does. This might become your new favorite everyday makeup.  This skin tint also comes in a full priming makeup set that is great.


What beauty products are you into right now?


Joanna Wilkinson
keep austin stylish