Have y’all been noticing all the elaborate designer sunglasses that are popping up everywhere? I’ve been seriously eyeballing a lot of cool decorative sunnies online recently. Take a look at these bad girls:

That last pair is from Bad Cake, and comes with a price tag of $110. Sunglasses are my favorite accessory for outdoor festivals and summer time activities, and I was thinking that these would be super fun to wear during SXSW.  While I wouldn’t be completely opposed to paying a hundred dollars for a pair of sunglasses that I might only wear a few times before inevitably breaking them, or even more likely, losing them; my preference for an activity such as SX is to buy some cheap sunnies that I don’t care about messing up.

I’m not much of a DIY girl, but this seemed like too easy and logical of a DIY project to pass up. After I consumed some free tacos and booze, my pal Jenny and I had a little craft night. Normally I wouldn’t recommend working a hot glue gun after drinking vodka, but everything turned out great and we’re all still alive. Here’s how to make your own pimped out sunnies on the cheap:

You can either buy some cheap sunglasses at Target or somewhere, or use some old sunnies that you never wear anymore.  Raid your closet, you can even make use of a wedding party favor that you obviously don’t care about (just use some white nail polish to cover up the writing).

Raid Hobby Lobby, and your friend’s craft drawers.

Fire up the glue gun and try not to burn your fingers off! (step4: burn your fingers)

After some gluing you might end up with some sunnies that look like THESE. My pal Jenny and I made about 5 pairs in an hour.

Happy sunnies DIYing!

Joanna Wilkinson

keep austin stylish