If you don’t think there are things sitting in your closet that you should get rid of, first of all, you are lying and second of all, you are lying.  I swear, every girl who is really into fashion is at any given moment just one dozen cats away from starring in their own episode of “Hoarders.”  There have been many times that I’ve contemplated selling my personal clothes via my blog or online somehow, but honestly I’ve never been sure which outlet to use.  I usually end up just going to Buffalo Exchange because this is (usually) quick and easy.  But I’m sure I’m not the only one who has at times walked out of Buffalo Exchange feeling like the stupid white girl in a foreign country who just got swindled by the street corner vendor. In other words, they don’t always give you the best deal.

Bib + Tuck is a site that makes it easy (and also fun) to sell your clothes online.  You set up a profile, upload styled photos of your gently used items, and assign them virtual “bucks.”  When someone buys  (err “tucks”) one of your items, you are then emailed a prepaid shipping label that you use to mail your stuff.  You’re then given virtual bucks that you can use to tuck other items.  It’s basically one giant online clothing swap, and it’s pretty fun.

One of the things I love about the Bib + Tuck girls is that they are very skilled at seeking out the coolest gals with the most stylish closets from all around the country, and they are always showcasing “Featured Closets.”  This week they are featuring Austin’s 8 most tuckable closets and I’m happily on this list sharing the spotlight with some of my favorite babes in town:

Jessica Thomspon – editor in chief of Velvet Dust

Shari Gerstenberger – owner of Charm School Vintage

Masha Poloskova – owner of Moss Designer Consignment

Jenny Woys – stylist

Dawn Younger Smith – designer Boudoir Queen

Dagny Piasecki – model/photographer

Sarah Ellison Lewis – founder of Bootleg Market

My closet is featured today, so feel free to tuck the shit out of it and also read my lil’ interview here.

Joanna Wilkinson
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