Did you know that wearing seasonally inappropriate clothing is a sign of insanity?  Well, it is.  I read that somewhere one time and ever since, the vision of a crazy homeless person wearing a coat in the middle of July kinda stuck in my head.  As much as I like to anticipate Fall fashion, I try to live and dress in the moment.  While I don’t think having your style compared to a homeless person’s is exactly the worst thing that could happen (Kaidon embraces the comparison), I just actually prefer not to sweat.  I might be daydreaming of cooler weather and I might be rounding up the Fall/Winter trends of 2013, but please note that I am not walking down the street wearing wool mittens and talking to myself.  Not yet at least…

Some of the top trends I am most looking forward to this Fall:

With the 90s grunge trend still lending its influence into current fashion, its no surprise that the beanie is the favored hat accessory for Fall.  Thanks to the Fall runway shows, the casual beanie has become more versatile by being paired with attire you could wear to a party, cocktail hour, or even work.  Personally I love the juxtaposition of something casual combined with something more upscale, and I think this look will do well in Austin in particular.  Who’s not a fan of throwing a slouchy hat on their head when they’re having a bad hair day?  My lazy side is excited to be able to start rocking the beanie again.

Every year Pantone announces a “color of the year” and more often than not, this color influences designers to incorporate this color into their collections.  This year’s color happens to be Emerald, and many of the fall runway shows were loving this jewel tone.  I think the deeper and darker the green, the richer it looks, so I am particularly happy about this shade of green being on trend.

One of the saddest parts about summer fashion for me is the inability to wear knee high length socks (or socks in general), so I am very much looking forward to cooler weather so that I can put some socks over my little toes.  The knee high length sock is certainly nothing new, but I particularly loved all of the colorful and patterned socks that were shown in the Anna Sui show.  Chanel also showed an interesting cross between a sock and an over the knee boot.  I guess this is technically called a wader, and while I don’t foresee the wader becoming popular, this is definitely a look that could easily be imitated with an actual sock or boot.

I mean, when is leopard print ever not in style? I’m not sure it’s ever a wrong choice.  Leopard print is pretty much as classic of a print as stripes or polka dots, but this season it is a little revamped thanks in big part to DKNY who showed a lot of leopard print in various bright colors.  This season leopard is a little less natural looking and a little more graphic and playful.

Leather is another classic trend for Fall and one of my favorites.  While we normally think of black when we think of leather, colored leather is also an option we shouldn’t forget.  What a lot of people don’t realize about leather is that it is actually quite versatile and can be dressed up or dressed down.  I’ve been having to resist wearing my leather shorts this whole summer…fighting my own insanity yet again.

Some of you might be a little weary of a slouchy pant, but trust me, if you find the right pair and know what to wear it with, the slouchy pant can become your best friend.  In fact, writing about slouchy pants is making me a little sad because I am now reminded of my favorite pair of Hammer pants that I lost this summer.  Someone is walking around in my comfy stylish pants and I’m still mad about this.  I mean, seriously, who steals a pair of pants? You might also be asking yourself “who LOSES a pair of pants?” but hey, it’s summer. So I guess I’m now on the hunt for a new pair of slouchy pants, and I’m kinda eyeing the basic slouchy black pant by Apiece Apart.  (But if anyone knows what happened to those pants I lost, please let me know.)

So, there you have it.  My most anticipated trends for Fall!  Which trend are you most excited for? Any trends I left off that you are looking forward to?

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