I just learned that one of my favorite local Austin vintage boutiques (one of my favorite boutiques in general) is closing its doors, and I’m still a little shaken up about it.  Laced with Romance has been one of my go-to places to shop for quite some time now.  It has been a shopping destination in which I have scored so many unique finds, including most recently a soul pleasing 1970’s pair of fitted overalls that have made my life just a little bit better.  Do you ever find a piece of clothing and immediately get a vision in your head of what you would do while wearing said item of clothing?  When I found those overalls I pictured myself standing on a ladder painting a mural of a rainbow while listening to funk music.  It was a vision that felt so right.

Besides being a place where one could find 70s dream-inducing clothing, when I walked into Laced with Romance, sometimes I was even offered a beer to enjoy while shopping.  Owner Stephanie Fellabaum also altered one of my recent purchases at no extra charge; it was a magical store.

Along with my overalls, one of my favorite Laced with Romance finds has to be this really special onesie that I wore during this past SXSW. Me and my pal Jenny Woys were quite the duo that day:

While the closure was not done fully by choice (Laced’s landlord decided to not renew their lease), owner Stephanie says she is taking this as a blessing and will be creating more of an online presence for Laced with Romance and will also be able to put more energy and focus into the production of her own line, Dust & Drag.

I do my fair share of online shopping, but one of the things I love about shopping in Austin is the access to so many great vintage stores.  It’s so much better be able to try on vintage pieces in person, so I’m still sad about the closure.  Laced with Romance was a lovely and unique store that also felt very much influenced by music; the kind of store that Stevie Nicks would shop at.  It was full of rare vintage band tees and it felt so Austin.  I will miss it.

Laced will be having one final party this Saturday to say goodbye to their brick and mortar store on South 1st street where you will be able to shop their current curations at up to 75% off.  Plus there will be a $100 gift certificate giveaway as well as (of course) free beer.


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How do y’all feel about this news? Are you sad to see Laced with Romance go?


Joanna Wilkinson
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