And by sheriff, I mean digital magazine.

photographer: Waytao Shing

model: Lisa Siva

hair and makeup: Zoraima Peleaz

wardrobe: Golden Bones, Langford Market

I’m so excited to announce the launch of a new project I have been working on with some of the best creatives in town (including some of my favorite fellow bloggers).  CITYGRAM is a new digital Austin based magazine focused on Art, Culture, Food, Fashion, Design, and more.  And guess who’s the fashion editor? Yep, me!  I put together a fun editorial for the first issue which involves several animated gifs like the one above.  Thank you to my fabulous team of local talent who helped make our first fashion editorial!

While print magazines are still nice to look at sometimes, digital magazines are the future. The future I tell you! There’s so much more freedom for not only the creators, but for the readers as well.  And, you better believe there’s a lot more creativity bubbling inside of me just waiting to be poured into this interactive magazine that will serve YOU, the people of Austin.

The Citygram team, headed by Citygram founder Chris Perez, has launched a Kickstarter to get this party started.  Once we reach our Kickstarter goal, then the magazine will be free to download each month, so please help and donate if this is something you think would benefit Austin (I obviously think it would, but hey I’m sorta biased.)  And I know that everyone and their dog has a Kickstarter these days, but me and my dog are actually a part of this one, so it’s special (please note Boo’s cameo in the video):

I’m so excited to be a part of the amazing talented team behind this magazine.  It’s gonna rock.  Please help us make Citygram!

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