Do you ever think about where the things you buy really come from?  It’s easy to forget about and dismiss the source of the things we wear because it might not seem as important as things like food, which directly affect us and our bodies.  But, what we choose to buy with our money (including fashion items) is a big power we all have on the environment and people across the globe.

Teysha is a company based here out of Austin that was started by two people with dreams of making a global difference.  Teysha means “friend” or “ally” in the native langauge of the Caddo people who live in Central America.  It is a company that is holding on to the ideals of the past and returning to practices which allow us to coexist with the planet and build strong communities.  Through their Global Village Initiative, Teysha takes ancient art forms that otherwise would have gone to the wayside in our modern industrialized world, and nurtures them and the artisans who have been practicing it their whole lives.  Kuna Kicks are the first product to launch from Teysha and they are fun flats made from vibrant patterned fabric which is hand sewn by the Kuna women of Central America.  The Kuna have been making these traditional tapestries for more than a century. One of the coolest parts about these shoes is that each Kuna Kick is completely unique!

This Giveaway has ended.  Check back for more Giveaways in the future!

How to Enter:

Today’s giveaway is for one pair of Kuna Kicks regularly priced at $75.  With ACL right around the corner, these flats would be a fun way to brighten up your festival wardrobe, so we will be announcing the winner on THURSDAY at noon just in time for ACL.

1) Fill out the form below.  All entries must be received by Thursday Oct.11th at noon.  One entry per person!

2) “Like” Teysha on Facebook (click here)

3) Check back on this blog on Thursday to find out the winner and you must claim your prize by either email or with a comment to this blog post.

Good luck!

And if you don’t end up winning a pair of Kuna Kicks but would like to try them on for size, they will have a booth set up at ACL so you can check them out in person at the festival!

Joanna Wilkinson
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